Saturday, August 5, 2017

Getting Back in the Running Groove

The summer running doldrums! When the overnight temps don't fall below 80°, you know it's summer in Texas. It's the time of year when hardly any half marathons can be found anywhere in the country except the far northern reaches of the U.S., and motivation to get out of bed early in the morning and put some miles in has all but disappeared. It is just so hard to crawl out of bed at 5 AM, leave the comfort of a/c and of snuggling kitty cats, and get going.

July 24 - just a little over 3 miles

Coffee pot started, mailbox key pinned to my running shorts, a slug of water, start the Garmin GPS watch....then just go. Don't even take the time to think about it.

July 27 - 4.5 miles

The first mile is usually the worst. But then, as I move along, get in the groove, it gets better. The roosters are crowing off in the distance, neighbors are just starting to rouse, getting their newspapers from the end of their driveways, walking their dogs. A few "regulars" are out there walking or riding their recumbent bicycles. We greet one another with familiarity as we go about our morning routines.

July 30 - just under 4 miles

We're almost two months past the summer solstice and, as Earth makes her way around the sun, tilted on her axis, the days are getting shorter. It's dark at 6 AM now, which means I'm usually treated to a nice sunrise somewhere along my running route.

August 2 - just a little over 4 miles

Squirrels and rabbits are up and about, and the golfers are just starting to tee up for their first hole as I'm finishing up my morning run.

August 4 - 5.5 miles

It's all about keeping the fitness level somewhat in line until the race season fires up again in the fall. Just gotta stay somewhat aerobically fit until that first race on my calendar comes around. That will be a half marathon in Philadelphia in mid-September. Just gotta start ramping up the miles again in preparation...just gotta.


  1. Good for you for getting up that early for a run.

    I think people are doing that here this year too, last week Oregon was in the triple digits and people were melting, although we dipped down into the 60's overnight which is nice.

    1. I saw where the weather your way has been very hot. Some of my running friends who have headed that way to do races have been posting about it. Stay cool! Good that your overnight temps have been nice.