Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Orange Cat Story - Finding His Place

Well, Orange Guy has now been living with me for six months. Time to report on his progress, and it's all good news! Orange Guy has settled in very nicely to his new home with me. He's adjusted to a more indoor living style, and Nyla has adjusted very well to sharing her space with the new guy.

Yes, there have been the occasional hissy fits on Nyla's part when the Orange Guy gets too close or moves too suddenly, but she's never outright attacked or been aggressive toward him. In six months they've learned to accommodate and to tolerate each other, especially Nyla, who's usually afraid of everything!

Nyla being perfectly relaxed in OG's near presence

Orange Guy's daily routine includes having a special breakfast treat then going outside first thing in the morning while I make the coffee. OG comes back inside and we start our day. On mornings I don't go for an early run, I return to bed with my coffee and my Samsung tablet to check emails and Facebook and Orange Guy joins me in bed for an hour of snuggle time. Many times Nyla joins us too, even though she's had me all to herself in bed overnight.

A cat on my left, a cat on my right...and when I crawled out of bed,
careful not to disturb them, they stayed where they were.

OG might go out one or two more times in the morning, finding a sunny spot on the deck or patio. Sometimes I take my coffee out and sit with him on the deck. He loves it when I do that, rubbing against me as he circles around. But then he comes inside and finds a comfortable spot somewhere in the house and takes a long nap. As I move about the house, he sometimes follows me into the next room, and he's found the perfect spot in the breakfast room/kitchen merge where he can lie down yet still see into other rooms and know where I am.

He goes out after dinner, staying out on the patio within sight of me through the patio door, and then comes back in to join me for an hour or so before being put to bed in his space in the laundry room/garage.

One of his favorite spots: sprawled in the walkway
between kitchen and breakfast room

He's settled in nicely and has adopted a couple of other favorite spots as well: On the back of the sofa and on the bed in the den.

On the trundle bed in the den, snuggled up with the giant stuffed lion

On the back of the sofa. It's a leather sofa so a cover was in order

I love how he makes this really cute little trill sound every time I start petting him. And I love how deeply he sleeps and how cute he looks when I wake him to pet him or take his photo.

That look on your face when you're awakened from a deep sleep!

OG saying, "Let me sleep!"

My biggest challenge and concern has been my travel. I had several trips planned for late spring and into summer, and this was uncharted territory for OG and me. How would he handle being cooped up for more than just a couple of days?

My first trip longer than just a quick overnight getaway I'd kept him contained in the laundry room/garage. But with summer coming and the days getting hotter,  this wasn't the best solution. Overnights were fine since the temps were comfortable in the garage and the a/c kept the laundry room cool. But daytime temps soar in the garage and bleed into the laundry room with the open door and with the door to the kitchen closed.
A real garden kitty!

So my next trip, in April, I switched things around. I put Nyla into the master bedroom suite, a very spacious area including the bedroom, giant bathroom, and enormous (9' x 11') walk-in closet. She spends much of her time in this part of the house anyway, so it made sense to do it this way. I put her food and water in the bathroom and her litter pan in the walk-in closet. Then I closed the door to the master bedroom suite. This gave OG the rest of the house. His food is always in the laundry room, and the communal big water bowl in the kitchen, and I left the door open to the garage where his litter pan is located.

I worried the whole time I was gone, but when I returned, was pleasantly pleased with how well OG handled things. He behaved perfectly, Nyla behaved perfectly, and I had two kitties who really missed me and were competing for my attention.

Absolutely desperate for closeness and attention!

One his most endearing qualities: his adorable little tongue sticking out

I love this little orange kitty! He is so sweet-tempered, so affectionate! I love how he follows me around the yard as I do my garden chores. I love how he comes galloping around the corner of the house when I call him. He is a squeezable, lovable ball of purring orange fur!

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  1. I am so glad he is fitting in so well. It is nice to have a kitty miss us when we are away. I love all the pictures of the kitties too. Thank you for sharing.