Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring is Trying to "Spring"

Despite a warmer-than-usual winter, it seems that my garden is having a hard time getting its "bloom" on. Looking back on my previous years' blog entries, things seem to be about 2 weeks delayed.

This time last year I had open blooms on my Magnolia. Today, there are plenty of buds - probably the most it's ever had - but they are still at least 1-2 weeks from opening fully.

The Society Garlic is looking very lush but it did have a major set-back in January when it got hit very hard by a prolonged freeze. Today it has sent up its first couple of blooms.

Last year I neglected to cut back my roses. Their blooming suffered for it. This year I got out there and cut then all back at least 1/3 to 1/2. I'm being rewarded nicely for that prickly effort!

I'd been letting my back corner bed get a little out of hand, so this spring I've been working on getting it under control. With coordination with my yard care person, I'm letting the bed recede back to its original boundaries. Our grass variety here in south Texas - St. Augustine - is already filling in the space nicely. I trimmed back the pomegranate and the fringe tree - pruned them hard - and they're shaping up very nicely.

The peach-colored Yarrow is in bloom, and the white-colored Yarrow is just starting to bloom.

I cut the Althea back pretty hard, as well, and it's starting to leaf out. It probably should have been cut back a little more, but too will set its buds on this new growth.

It will be a couple of months before the day lilies begin to bloom. In the meantime, I really do need to work on that last bed in the back, the one under the bedroom window. Someone give me a push!

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  1. Blooms and a kitty picture? Now we're spoiled.

    Your flowers all look lovely. Our daffodils are blooms and the trees are just starting to leaf out and the cherry trees are blooming as well. Another few weeks and it will be more colorful.