Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Miscellany

Time to wrap the year up with some random notes and photos from this year's holiday season.

Our community has a golf cart Christmas parade every year and this year's was the biggest yet. I walked about a half mile west on our little gated community's main street and found some ladies sitting out in their driveway, waiting for the parade. I joined them and we had a good time cheering and waving and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Some neighbors really went all out to decorate and light their carts. Click below to watch the video.

My next door neighbor and I always watch each other's houses while one or the other of us is out of town. This Christmas she flew to Cincinnati to be with family, so I offered to babysit her two houseplants. She brought them over the day before she left, and gave me watering instructions. It's almost like being a pet sitter! Nice to have a bit more live greenery in the house.

Chinese Ming on the left, orchid on the right. The Ming is decades old!
 I knew that my son and his family had been out of town for a week visiting her family in northern California, so I had to plan my gift shipments to them very carefully so that they'd arrive before they left. I also knew they'd be arriving home late on the 23rd to spend actual Christmas at their own home. I debated whether to order some goodies from Omaha Steaks or to just order a large floral centerpiece for their dining table. I decided the centerpiece would be safer, since my son's dad would be arriving at their house about the same time and spending a couple of weeks and he doesn't eat meat.

So on Thursday I logged into my USAA account and ordered FTD flowers (USAA members get a very deep discount), a nice large centerpiece with roses and candles. I arranged to have it delivered Dec 24. Fast forward to today, Dec 24, and my doorbell rang. I received a very nice delivery!! Great minds think alike!

Floral arrangement from my son and his family!
A couple of weeks ago, as soon as I got home from my Florida trip, I got busy and dragged out the holiday decorations. Mine was just about the only street on our cul-de-sac without any decorations. I pulled out the 6' artificial tree and got it set up.

Tree is up and lightly decorated.
My cat Nyla immediately found her favorite spot under the tree!

She waits 11 months for this day every year!

Every day during the holidays I can find her here under the tree.
Then I dug out the cute little two-foot tree that I bought to take to Orlando when our family went to Disneyworld for Christmas a few years ago. I didn't pull out all of the tree decorations for the big tree....just a few meaningful ones.

The cute little tree that I brought with me to Orlando the
year the family all did Disneyworld for Christmas.

Then I dragged out the box of exterior lights and draped a few strands onto the hollies in front of the house. I have an ancient little string of lights that keep expecting to die, but it still lights up whenever I plug it in, so I wrapped it around the branches of my Ficus tree on the front porch. It's finally beginning to look like Christmas at the house!

I ordered myself a meal from Omaha Steaks - Turkey Roulade wrapped in prosciutto, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, molten lava cake - so I'll feast like a queen tomorrow with very little preparation required. I'll miss being with my family, but I had the holidays with them last year. This year it's other family members' turns.

Then I'll have a week to think about the first race of the new year, the Texas Metalsaw Marathon on New Year's Day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. Merry Christmas Barb, it looks like you got right into the Christmas spirit.