Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ramping Up For a New Half Marathon Season

Okay, summer break is over. Well, anyway, by the calendar it's over. By the weather though, it's not, which is making it really hard for me to start preparing for the upcoming race season.

Still...I can't put it off any longer. I've taken two full months off from any meaningful training and I need to get back at it. My first half marathon of the fall/winter season is just two weeks away and I've succumbed to the steamy early morning temps and humidity (lows in the low 80's, humidity in the 90%'s) by not getting out the door as much as I'd like.

To wit, here's my July running log:

July mileage

Except for the rare opportunity to get some runs in while visiting the cooler, drier elevation of Santa Fe, I'd not really gotten out onto the roads to get some serious miles in since my last race in late May in San Diego. Just a bunch of 2+ milers in July, but a better mix of 3-milers - and a 5-miler - throughout the month of August.

August mileage

So, on Labor Day I kicked myself out of bed early - before daylight - and hit the road for a 7-miler. My best bet is to lay everything out the night before so that I can just roll out of bed the next morning, pull on my running clothes, drink a glass of water, and then get out the door before my brain wakes up, before I get distracted, and before I change my mind.

7 miler - getting back into long distance shape

Encouraged by this first longer run in a couple of months, my miles piled up nicely the rest of that week with a few shorter distance outings and then, feeling energized, I planned to do 9 miles the next weekend.

And then, the next week, it was a nine miler

And I did it! I got out the door and completed 9 miles. I promised myself I would do that, and I did, keeping myself honest. Now I can do some maintenance miles this week, get a longer, 5 or 6 miler in this coming weekend, some more maintenance miles the following week, and then it's off to do the Running With The Amish Half Marathon near the end of the month! This starts the fall/winter race season. Lots of races on my calendar in the next 6 months!

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  1. Good for you. All this running must keep you young. I am looking forward to reading your race reports and trip reports.