Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Being Domestic For A Few Weeks With Kitty

It's nice to be home for a few weeks after "going and doing" non-stop for the last month. It's also nice to be home during peak hemerocallis blooming season. So many times in past years I've been away and missed seeing my hemerocallis in full bloom!

Nyla appropriating the duffel bag I brought home from
the Flying Pig races.

The freezer, fridge, and pantry were really empty when I returned from my last trip. I'd not been grocery shopping in weeks, knowing I would be away for so long, and had pretty much eaten my way through whatever I had in the house. So the very next day after arriving home from Indianapolis, I made a shopping list and headed for the grocery store. Almost $200 later and my shelves are now stocked with what I've been craving while traveling: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, ingredients for lots of healthy, home-cooked meals, and the joy of cooking for myself again.

It's nice to eat out once in a great while as a treat, but as a serious road warrior from many decades of travel, I can honestly say that I just don't enjoy regularly eating out at restaurants any more. It's so hard to find healthy, wholesome food on the menu, including fresh vegetables that haven't been cooked or steamed to within an inch of their usable lives.

And then there's that whole thing about the giant servings, of which I can only eat about 1/3 to 1/2. The frugal side of me really hates paying good money for all that food and then leaving it behind, but so often I have no way to keep it or heat it up if I bring it back to the hotel. While on the road I often find myself seeking out a Subway sandwich shop or a grocery store with a good, extensive salad bar and deli counter where I can buy a fresh meal and some fresh fruit to have on hand in the hotel room.

So having my kitchen back, having a fridge filled with fresh veggies and fruit, fish and chicken, frozen portions of homemade soup, brings me comfort and pleasure.

Split pea with turkey and wild rice simmering on the stove.

I made a giant batch of split pea soup and had a bowl for lunch that very same day. I love having portions of homemade soup in the freezer, handy to pull out and defrost in the microwave for lunch. I added 5 containers (10 servings) of pea soup to the freezer stash of beef barley soup I made after returning from Italy and the turkey rice soup I'd made before leaving for Italy.

A delicious lunch, and enough to be frozen for ten more lunches.

Lemon cookies!

And then I made a batch of lemon cookies. So good when warm out of the oven, and not too bad either when that sweet tooth starts craving something later.

May is hemerocallis bloom season here in south Texas. This is my favorite flower, next to roses, and they always put on a nice show in springtime. They beckon me to come outside with my camera and take photos of their happy, cheery faces in the morning light.

Amber Sunset

Amber Sunset

Barbary Corsair

Barbary Corsair clump
Chorus Line

Divine Decadence

Let's Pretend

Red Volunteer
The only one that has not yet sent up any flower scapes is my Baby Bear hemerocallis plant. It looks healthy, has new leaves coming up from its crown, but no scapes. Looking at last year's photos, I see that it bloomed at the same time as the others, so there's no telling what's going on with it this year.

My next trip is to San Diego to visit my son and family. But for now, I'm home for a while, just chillin' and enjoying having nothing to do, catching up with friends, doing some baking and some knitting!

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  1. Something tells me kitty is happy to have you home.

    The flowers are beautiful and that soup looks tasty too.