Friday, March 11, 2016

Waiting For Spring to Happen

Winter for me means pots of homemade soups simmering on the stove and pies and pastries baking in the oven. Even though our winters here are very brief - sometimes non-existent - I still enjoy spending this time in the kitchen preparing traditional "winter" dishes. I like to make large 8- or 10-cup batches of soups and then freeze them in 2-cup containers so that I can reach for one and defrost it whenever I want a nice filling hot bowl of soup.

Pot of homemade beef barley soup, January 30, 2016

Meyer Lemon pie, made from scratch, January 24, 2016

Blueberry muffins, warm out of the oven, February 7, 2016

Homemade split pea and turkey soup, January 14, 2016

Wintertime is also when my little pomegranate tree sets fruit and my neighbor's tree groans with the weight of Meyer lemons.

Little pomegranates from my little pomegranate tree

This year's Meyer lemons...not as plentiful as last year, but just as large and juicy

Wintertime is also time to maintain our weird, kooky fashion sense...sandals and socks.

Highly practical, not so stylish

And then it happens! Signs of spring suddenly appear in my back garden:

Bulbine going crazy in back bed

Indian Hawthorn just starting to bloom

Jasmine just starting to bloom

My little resident reptiles become active again, as they seek out places to sun themselves.

This not-so-little guy catching some rays on the fence
The Chinese Fringe Tree is in bloom, the rose bushes are putting out new growth and starting to set buds, and the Clematis has little tufts of leaves sprouting on the wiry vines.

Spring is my favorite season!

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  1. Would you like some rain? We seem to have an abundance this year. I shouldn't complain, trees and flowers are blooming and the lawn needs to be mowed again.

    All your goodies and soup look yummy. And with that sandal and sock combination, you'd fit right in in Portland.