Monday, March 28, 2016

The "Rome Trip" Piles Have Started

I don't know why I do this. It's really not that different than taking a trip here in CONUS.  But there it compulsion. Piles of stuff start to form on the kitchen counter, my dresser, the blanket chest in my bedroom, this time in preparation for my trip to Rome in less than two weeks.

I've been "packing" in my head for this trip for weeks. Been shopping online for a few things for this trip, too. I began digging out various things whenever I'd have an "oh yeah, can't forget to bring that" moment.

This was the first pile to grow. It's on my dresser and includes all of those small little things like the converter devices, ear plugs, eye mask, books, Euro stash, passport, money belt, scarf, and many other smaller items. Even the supplies I'd need for a new knitting project were added to this pile.

Odds and ends gathering on my dresser.

The odds and ends pile grows

Then I got busy pulling things from the closet and the dresser drawers and piling them up on the blanket chest, just an assortment of clothes that I'd like to take. A wish list of sorts. Not all of this will come with me to Italy, but going through this exercise forces me to give thought to what would be the most useful "mix and match" wardrobe for the trip.

The clothes pile: the Wish List, waiting for final weather forecasts and  subsequent culling.

I'll sort through all of this next week, after the weather forecasts are a more sure thing. But in the meantime, the piles serves as a "quarantine," moving these garments out of circulation so that there's no last-minute panic and late night load of laundry.

Well, okay...another day of mental packing pushed me to go ahead and pack my carry-on bags. This includes my little roll-on tote and my nice leather shoulder tote. About half the items on my dresser and a few of the items in the clothes pile made their way into either the wheeled tote or the leather shoulder tote.  Things I'd need on the plane, important items I don't want to check through, a couple of changes of clothes in case my checked bag doesn't make it, and of course the very important running shoes and clothes.

The carry-on is packed! Running gear, two changes of clothes,
a change of shoes, toiletries, rain jacket, cozy sweater for the long plane ride

This activity greatly diminished the pile on the dresser and the "Wish List" pile on the blanket chest.

What's left of the Wish List clothes pile

All that remains of the "stuff" pile
Just nine more days and it's lift-off!


  1. Woohoo, you must be so excited.

    This post reminds me of myself. With as much effort as I put into packing for one or two nights away locally I can only imagine the planning I'd put into a read trip.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip, I'm so jealous. Would love to see Italy someday, thanks for the post.