Friday, December 11, 2015

San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll - Rockin' it Again

So close....why not do it again?!

The race route is boring in some places, interesting in others (SA Zoo, Trinity College campus, The Alamo) and definitely hilly in the middle miles.  But it's so close to home and such a fun event, I thought I'd sign up and run it again this year.

Finisher, Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon

Close to the finish line

Finisher medal
 I got up an hour early and headed out the door of the hotel to get 3.5 miles in before proceeding to the start line of the race.  I had just minutes to take a quick porta-pottie stop before jumping into my assigned corral, which had already moved to within two corrals of the start line.  Whew!  That was close!  But I felt good having gotten in those miles on the front end of this race.

The race route, data from my Garmin GPS watch.  I added another 6 miles to get a
total of 19 miles, in preparation for doing my next full marathon in early January.
After crossing the finish line, I quickly claimed my finisher's medal, a bottle of water, and a carton of chocolate milk.  I chugged the milk, made a quick bathroom stop, and then continued out of the finisher village and back onto the roadway to get another 2.5 miles in before heading, finally, to the hotel.  A total of 19.1 miles for the morning!!  So happy!

The month before, I'd signed up to do a "virtual" race, a 5k distance to earn this fun medal!  Moon Joggers is an organization that plans and puts on virtual races throughout the year to raise money for a variety of charities.  I couldn't resist signing up for this one just so that I could get this cool medal! I submitted results from one of my training runs, which I made sure was exactly the 5k distance - 3.1 miles.
Fun medal for doing a virtual 5k race.  Money raised
going to providing water and sanitation in developing countries.
Next up....Christmas with family.