Thursday, September 3, 2015

The "Knitty-ness" of It All

Summertime and some cute projects coming off the needles.

First granddaughter is seriously into stuffed kitties.  She has a little kitty named Millie, a cute pinked striped kitty that came in a cute little sequined purse.  I found her at the gift shop at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids MI.  Perfect pint-sized happiness for a then-three year old.  Millie goes everywhere with my granddaughter.  The second victim, er, lovey is Pretty Kitty, a white stuffed kitty the same size as Millie and equally as adored.  The third cat is a larger cat named Lexie Cat, meant to teach toddlers the finer-motor skills of buttons and zippers.  She's cute and lives most of her life in my granddaughter's bed.

Granddaughter's Scattered Daisies sweater

I came across a really adorable little girl sweater knitting pattern - cute little peplum skirt, short puffy sleeves.  I thought it would look adorable on my granddaughter.  So to encourage her to wear it, I also knitted teeny, tiny little matching sweaters for her three tag-along kitty friends.  So dadgum cute!!

Little tiny versions for Lexie Cat (top) and for Millie and Pretty Cat (bottom)

Not wanting my grandson to feel left out, I knitted him a pullover using the same pattern as used to make his sister and his mom pullover sweaters earlier this year.  I found a "manly" yarn, a light blue tweed in washable cotton/polyester, and got to work.  It came out very cute!  So with a ziploc bag of Captiva seashells tucked in among the cushioning folds of the sweater, I packed this off in the mail along with granddaughter's sweaters.

Pullover sweater for the grandson

Rummaging through my yarn stash, looking for my next project, I decided that the recycled alpaca yarn really needed to be tackled next before I launched into any other project.  I knitted a sweater with this yarn last year but quickly decided, upon finishing it, that it was the wrong yarn for the sweater.  I subsequently knit the sweater in a much more suitable merino wool yarn, one with a tighter twist to better show off the sweater's design, and then unraveled the first one to salvage the yarn. So what to do with this alpaca yarn?  This Atelier cardigan seemed the best fit, so off we go!

Atelier cardigan in 100% pure, undied alpaca

A really pretty watermelon-color raw silk yarn made its way into my yarn stash and I had the perfect summer sweater pattern in mind. It knitted up quickly and will be the perfect in-between seasonal sweater.
tie-front cardigan in raw silk-cotton blend yarn

Well, that's about it for now.  A pretty forest green tweedy merino wool and alpaca yarn for a winter pullover sweater is now on the needles, and there are a few other yarns in my stash, earmarked for other upcoming projects.

Proverbs 16:27 - Idle hands are the devil's workshop...

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  1. You do such beautiful work!!

    The little kitty sweaters are adorable too, what a great idea.