Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Portland ME - The "Getting Ready" Part

A momentous trip is upon me and I am beyond excited to experience this major milestone in my running career.  This Saturday I will be running a half marathon of importance:  My 50th state and my overall 71st half marathon!

Running shoes, running clothes, running gear, and enough
street clothes for my five day trip...all in this small wheeled tote bag.
A quarter million miles traveling cross-country on a motorcycle have taught me to pack light.
My favorite little American Tourister wheeled tote is packed and at the ready.  The flight is booked, the rental car reserved and the hotel room is waiting for me.  

I have more than a dozen running friends all coming up to run this same race with me in Portland, Maine and to help me celebrate.  So I've scouted the post-race celebratory lunch venue and have found the local cupcake bakery via Google Maps.  My cupcake tradition started years ago when I ran my first Flying Pig half marathon in Cincinnati.  It's now become part of my race ritual to find a local cupcake bakery and lay in these sweet delectables for post-race enjoyment.

My 50 States Half Marathon Club shirt has now been colored in, a task I'd put off doing for way too long.  See that red Sharpie Paints marker?  It's coming with me while I run this race, and at the finish line...I'll have someone color in that last state! 

My 50 States Half Marathon Club shirt, all states now colored in except Maine.

This really cool little addendum bib will be attached to my race bib, come race day morning.  It proudly announces to all who may care that Maine is pretty special to me!

Weather should be fantastic in Maine on race day.  Given the early morning high temperatures and high humidity that I've been dealing with here in Texas, this should be a piece of cake!!

Stay tuned for race reports from the road!


  1. I am so very proud to be one of your fans... Good Luck... I am sorry I could not make it to Maine for this momentous occasion... Let's plan a celebratory dinner at one of your favorite restaurants when your schedule permits in August...

  2. Woohoo! I can't believe the 50th state is almost upon you.

    Have a great flight and enjoy the race and the mini vacation out of the heat.