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Portland ME - The "Running There" Part

I was feeling a mix of dread and excitement as I walked with my two running friends to the start line of the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon.  It was 6:30 on Saturday morning, July 11, the sun was already well up in the sky, and it was getting hot.

There were quite a few other members of our 50 States Half Marathon club also doing this race, and they'd called for a group photo at 6:45 AM, near the start line.  Little did I know....

When we got there it took the three of us a bit of wandering before we spotted the rest of our group standing right under the inflated arch over the start line, inside the race corral, right in front of all of the speedy elite runners.  We squeezed into that open area and immediately I was led by one of our group over to the Race Announcer who apparently had been queued up, been told my story, and was waiting for me.
Being interviewed - and flirted with - by the race announcer
before the start of the half marathon
It was the silliest, funnest, and one of the most embarrassing moments I could remember in a long time!  He flirted with me, found out I was single, and announced to the 4,500 other runners lined up and waiting for the race to start that I was "smoking hot" and single!  Oh, geez!  He asked how long it had taken me to reach this point in my 50 states goal, and then asked me how old I was.  Crazy!!  The whole while, the rest of our group were all standing there grinning at me like a bunch of Cheshire cats!

Whew!  Well, that done, we pushed our way back to the second corral for us slower runners and then had just a few minutes to wait before the race to start.    One of the gals in our group had a special temporary tattoo for me and quickly applied it to my arm, wetting it with water from her water bottle.  Her last instructions to me as she moved into the crowd was to press on it for a few minutes then peel the paper away.  I didn't know what it was or what it said until I'd done that.  Sweet!!  "This is the day!"

Somewhere in the first couple of miles

For the first couple of miles I had runners catching up with and passing me, congratulating me as they ran by.  Some even commented on my shirt, how, yep! all but that state of Maine colored in!

Dotty meeting me at mile 3.5...I'm waving to her partner Petr,
who's just ahead taking photos of me

Three of us - Sandy, Maureen, and I - stayed together through the first few miles of the race.  At mile three my very good and long time friend Dotty and her partner Petr were waiting for me.  Such a great treat!  We'd made arrangements ahead of time, my giving her a couple of suggestions for places to wait for me and giving her ETA's.  Petr is a professional photographer and he was snapping away as I approached and kept on snapping after I'd passed him and until we turned the corner and out of view.  I rarely get a view of myself from the rear, but it was nice to have photos of me running and wearing my 50 States shirt all colored in (except the state of Maine, of course).

Petr's photo of me continuing on down the road, my two friends with me

Continuing on down the road...

After we made that turn, we had a long downhill stretch and I took advantage of that to get ahead of my two friends so that I could duck into a porta-potty at the 4.5 mile mark.  I was sure that they saw me do that, but apparently not.

Somewhere along the route

When I exited the toilet, they were just ahead of me but moving at such a fast clip I was unable to catch them.  For two miles I pushed myself in the growing heat but just couldn't close the gap.  Finally, as the route turned us onto Congress Street, we had a long steep hill ahead of us and I gave up trying.  It was too hot, anyway.
Somewhere along the race route, Casco Bay on my left

As the route took us around Back Cove through miles 8-11, it occurred to me that perhaps my friends thought I was in front of them, not behind them, and that they were pushing, trying to catch up to me. So when we made the turn at mile 11.5, doing a short little double-back stretch, Sandy realized that I was behind them, not in front of them.  The look on her face was priceless!

Hideously hot at this mile 12, going past the water
treatment plant on my right, Casco Bay on my left

Sandy ran ahead to catch our friend Maureen who'd gotten ahead and I eventually caught up with them somewhere just before mile 12.  We laughed and chattered about how they thought I was in front of them and smokin' it and how they sped up hoping to catch me, and how I was behind them all along, trying desperately to catch up with them.  Truly a comedy of errors!

The race route, data from my Garmin GPS watch

It was blazingly hot in that last mile!  There was another misting station at mile 12 and I stood there for a few moments, trying to cool off a little.  I'd been pouring water down the front of my shirt, splashing water from my drinking cup onto my face and neck and drinking as much water and sports drink as I dared.

Finally, I could hear the cheering and the announcer at the finish line. We were getting very close.  Sandy jogged ahead so that she could be across the finish line and in position to take photos.

I wasn't sure who among our group of 50 Staters would still be there, since most are 1/3 my age and much faster than me, so when I heard cheering as I passed through the finisher chute, I looked and could see that a good group had stayed to congratulate me.  It was a sweet moment!!

Announcer joining me across the finish line...Maureen bringing me in!

The announcer saw me coming and cheered me in as well, offering his arm to escort me across the finish line.  It was all fun!  Sandy got some great photos, including one of Maureen putting the medal around my neck, congratulating me, and giving me a hug.  I was a bit stunned that it was over and that I'd done that last state....state #50!

Maureen put my medal around my neck and gave me a hug

At the end of the chute, the club members were waiting for me with a big sign and lots of hugs and congratulations.

The group photo!!  These folks are awesome!!
A Sharpie Stained marker came with me in my pocket.  I wanted to get that last state colored in....right there at the finish line.  One of the young ladies in our group had a difficult and painful decision to make regarding this race.  She's also doing her 50 States and needed the state of Maine.  But she'd been putting it off, even thinking about perhaps doing Puerto Rico as a substitute (with the club president/founder's permission).  You see, she was here two years ago with her husband and he drowned in an accident.  She vowed she'd never come back to Maine.  So it was with tremendous respect and empathy that I asked her if she would do me the honor of coloring in my last state on my shirt.

Donna coloring in my last state.  

And now it is complete!

Forget the post-race food tent, where no doubt most of the food was gone.  I have cupcakes and champagne waiting for the three of us in my room!!

In the hotel lobby, pressing a complete stranger into taking our photo

Cupcake, champagne and finisher medal!

Time to get showered and cleaned up and meet everyone at Sebago Brew Pub for a group celebration!!  A friend all the way from the Baltimore area was driving up and my friends Dotty and Petr will be there, along with a small group of us runners - I'd made a reservation for 12...hope that's enough!  I had no idea who all was coming.

We ended up with close to 25 folks and the restaurant was great in accommodating us, adding tables as more arrived.

Donna and me....proud finishers.  And I'm proud of her for making this difficult decision

Some of the finishers
A really nice relaxing lunch with good friends!  The food was great....what's not to like about a really good lobster roll and a tasty cold micro brew beer?!

Lobster roll!!  This one washed down with a Sebago Hefeweizen at Sebago Brew Pub
It still hadn't sunk in fully that this was the last state needed to successfully complete this goal.

My temporary tattoo:  "Today is the Day"  Indeed it is!

I hugged everyone goodbye and thanked them for making my day so spectacular, and then walked back to the hotel with Sandy.  We agreed to try an Italian restaurant she'd found and made plans to re-connect at 7:15 to walk there.  She had a 3 PM massage appointment and I went to my room to have another cupcake and ponder and process the day.

And what a day it was!!  As special as this day was for me in its own little personal way, it was made so much more special by having so many fellow 50 Staters there to help me celebrate.  They really stepped up to the plate in doing so, from bringing the race announcer into the celebration, to making the sign for me, to staying around at the finish line despite the heat and long wait for many of the faster runners.  I was really touched by it all!

Finisher medal and very special extra bib

Tonight, dinner with Sandy, then a nice day spent relaxing and enjoying lunch with another friend who's coming over from Vermont for the day.

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  1. AWESOME!! What a great way to cap off the 50 states. I swear I had a few tears reading this.

    Good job, and kudos to everyone for hanging out and making it special. Big hugs.