Friday, July 17, 2015

Portland ME - The "Afterward" Part

It's the day after the half marathon and I have one more day here in Portland, one more day to eat lobster, drink fine microbrew beer, and enjoy the fantastic weather and scenery.

My friend Sandy was still here but leaving around noontime, so I met her at Starbucks for a quick coffee and then hugged her goodbye before she got on the elevator to her room to pack up.  I took advantage of the hotel's very nice breakfast buffet for the first time, enjoying a leisurely and very filling meal then chilled out for a bit in my room.  Another friend was coming in from Vermont to spend the day and have a late lunch with me.  I took advantage of this time while waiting to start pulling my things together and getting mostly packed.

My friend Minna texted me to let me know her ETA, so when it was getting close to 1:30, I went downstairs to the hotel entrance and waited for her.  I'd already gotten permission from the valet parking guys for her to park her motorcycle under the portico.  Other bikes had been parking there on and off all weekend so I figured it would be okay...and much easier for her, as well.

Minna arrives to spend the afternoon.

She came up to my room to remove her riding gear and to leave her things in my room for safe keeping while we went in search of good lobster rolls!  The front desk had the perfect recommendation for us!  Portland Lobster Company!

Portland Lobster Company...perfect place for lobster rolls

It was just a few blocks along Commercial Street and the docks, so an easy and scenic walk to get there.  It was the best!  Funky outdoor deck seating under canopies and umbrellas and a very cool "beachy" feel to it.  Order your food inside, find a seat somewhere on the outdoor deck, bring your receipt to the bar to collect the beers, then enjoy the atmosphere while waiting for the fun lobster to light up and vibrate, letting us know our food was ready.

Allagash White and Shipyard Summer Ale, guarded by our fun lobster alert device

We found two seats at the bar, which proved to be perfect. All of the tables were filled and they didn't look to be as comfortable as the stools and wide counter at the bar.  They had a great selection of local micro brewery beers on tap.  It was hard to choose.

Excellent selection of local micro brews on tap

Lobster roll, fries, cole slaw and beer....all enjoyed to
the sounds of an excellent little band
Just as we got our food, a really excellent band started to jam...wonderful easy Sunday blues and jazz music from some of the best song writers in that genre.  It couldn't have been more perfect!

This was a really excellent little 5-man band.  They played some
really excellent versions of blues and jazz songs by artists such
as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and others.

The lobster rolls were excellent!  Loaded with tender lobster meat, tiniest amount of mayo to hold it all together, and some great fries and cole slaw to go with.


The visit together was wonderful!  We were enjoying ourselves so much that the time just flew by.  But Minna still had a long ride back home.  So we pulled ourselves away from the wonderful ambience and entertainment at Portland Lobster Co. and started walking back to the hotel, but not before poking around a bit among the docks and piers, and stopping for a homemade ice cream, too!

The Love Lock fence near the restaurant

Pretty flower baskets everywhere

Minna gathered her things from my room and, with a hug and promise to do this again next time either of us is in the other's neck of the woods, rode off toward home in Vermont.

This was such a wonderful weekend, I hated for it to end.  But the next morning I fly back home to Houston.

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  1. What a wonderful way to wind down after the run. It is nice you have a rest day or two before traveling home.