Saturday, July 4, 2015

More Knitting Projects....a Spring and Early Summer Pastime

The needles continue to fly, as I work my way through my ever-growing queue of projects and seemingly bottomless yarn stash, no thanks to all of the juicy yarn sales at and Their enticing sales announcements have been filling my email inbox relentlessly over the last few weeks.

Looking back at my blog entries, I see that I had a flurry of projects last summer as well!  Not surprising, since it's too hot to do much else here in South Texas in the summer!

Atelier (designed by Heidi Kirrmaier)
knit in a Berroco cotton/linen yarn 
I have knit so many sweaters in wool and wool blends, that this spring I realized I really didn't have any summer sweaters in my wardrobe at all!  I'd gotten lazy and lost all fashion sense by resorting to utilitarian fleece - pullovers, half-zips, and jackets - whenever I found myself chilly in a restaurant, plane, or wherever the A/C was cranked, like it usually is everywhere here in the South in the summer.  So knitting a couple of cute cotton sweaters was definitely in order. 

Peasy (also designed by Heidi Kirrmaier)
knit in a pima cotton/silk blend yarn.
I knitted this same sweater design
 last winter in a pretty Rowan Felted Tweed wool yarn
I realize now that I am a sucker for the really cool novelty yarns that include bits of silver or gold filaments or ribbons of shiny cellophane in the strand.  I bought this really pretty deep crimson worsted weight wool yarn with very fine silver thread and then waited for a pretty sweater design to come along.  And when I came across a suitable design, I decided to go ahead and knit it, since it's a versatile cardigan and could be taken on trips in the summer to locations where the evenings might get cool.
This is Yellow Brick Road, designed by Ela Torrente.
It's a wool yarn, but is a summer weight...Kollage Yarns Glisten
Speaking of sparkly yarns, I fell in love with a yarn made by Classic Elite, called Ava.  It's a soft merino wool with a thin shiny metallic ribbon spiraled around the strand.  I knit a pretty ebony black shawl for my daughter-in-law in this yarn and loved how the finished project felt to the hand.  So I bought more yarn in a different color - a pretty blush pink with darker pink shiny ribbon - and knitted a little shrug style sweater for myself.
Ava sweater, designed by Diane Soucy
knit in Classic Elite yarn Ava (a happy coincidence!)
While in San Diego in late May, I took my daughter-in-law and granddaughter to Hobby Lobby to buy some yarn and crochet hooks so that I could teach my daughter-in-law how to crochet.  I found this really easy net bag pattern and thought it would be a good project for her.  Well, she didn't get very far with it, having some difficulty getting the hang of it in the short time I was there.  I brought mine home with me and knocked it out in just an afternoon at play rehearsal.  These are quick to make, can be made in a tighter or looser gauge to vary the size of the net, depending on how they'll be used.   I have this one filled with a few groceries, including a bunch of bananas, some boxed dry goods, and a couple of canned goods, just to demonstrate its size in the photo. Would make a good beach bag, too!

Crocheted Grocery Bag, design by Cassie Edwards
crocheted in Hobby Lobby Crafter's Secret Cotton yarn
To keep the needles flying and not overly fill my own closet shelves with sweaters, I offered to make a sweater for my daughter-in-law.  It's the same design as one I've made twice for myself, and one that I've used to teach a friend how to knit.  I feel it's a very versatile design and looks like something my daughter-in-law would like and would wear.  So I worked on it furiously so that I could bring the finished item with me to San Diego when I visited them in late May.  I had to make a guess at the size, and when it was done had no way to be sure, as it was huge on me.  It fit her perfectly!

My daughter-in-law in her Abate sweater, designed by
Alicia Plummer.  This one knit in Euro Baby Babe Soft cotton

For some reason totally unknown to me, I fell in love with a yarn called Kidsilk Haze Trio.  I had no idea what I could make from this airy, very fuzzy yarn, just that I absolutely had to have some!  I found a batch of same-lot for sale on ebay, made an offer, and it was accepted.  Soon, the package arrived on my doorstep.  What can I knit??  Then a pattern design showed up in my search on Ravelry that I thought might be perfect.  The pattern called for a worsted weight yarn, but I could see the possibilities with this yarn, making it over-sized and on larger needles to make it slightly transparent.  Super lightweight, packs down very small....could be the perfect travel companion for those cold airplanes and terminals.
Shoulder and cowl detail of this otherwise plain stockinette sweater

Birchbark, designed by Alicia Plummer
Knit in Rowan Kidsilk Haze Trio, a three-ply yarn spun from mohair and silk
Another couple of projects are currently on needles, and many more in the queue....!

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  1. All beautiful, you sure have a talent with the needles.

    How goes your weather in Texas lately? We've been seeing 100˚ for about a week and are not enjoying it.