Tuesday, June 9, 2015

San Diego Visiting

Well here I am, it's Friday morning, and we have granddaughter Mimi home for the day, while grandson Trevor has school.

The evening before, my son and grandson put on their scout uniforms and got ready to leave for their scout awards meeting that evening.  My son is cub master and by all accounts is loving it!
Trevor, looking so grown up in his cub scout uniform

The scouts

So this morning, it's a girl's day out.  As a special treat, Christina, Mimi, and I headed to Einstein Bros Bagels for a second breakfast after dropping Trevor off at school.  We had an hour to kill before taking Mimi back to the school for a pre-kindergarten interview.

The little interview done, we got into the car and drove the few miles to a Hobby Lobby so that I could buy some cotton yarn, crochet hooks and a little kid-appropriate cross-stitch kit for Mimi.  I intend to teach Christina how to crochet and Mimi how to sew.  I had a couple of Lego kits at my house, left over from when the grandkids spent a week with me last summer, and I shipped these off to the family once they got settled in San Diego.  So today was also a good day to do some Lego'ing with Mimi.
Working with Mimi on a Lego kit:  Downtown Bakery
We worked on our needlework projects on and off throughout the day, before Christina left to go pick up Trevor.  My son Jeremy arrived home from work a little early, as he and my grandson were going camping for the weekend with the cub scouts.  They had just an hour or so to get ready, so Christina put together some quick tacos for dinner.  Soon they were on the road, heading for their weekend camping trip, leaving us three home for the evening.

When I signed up to do the Rock 'n' Roll half marathon, I also signed up to do the associated 5k race on Saturday morning, but that would have meant heading into downtown San Diego on Friday to get the race packet and then staying Friday night in a hotel.  I had made my reservations originally to include Friday night, but when I found out that Mimi's school was having an art exhibit at 6 PM on Friday, I made the decision to just blow the 5k race off and called the hotel to cancel the Friday night portion of my stay.  Instead of going into town Friday afternoon, I will now wait and go in on Saturday mid-day, get my race packet, meet my L.A. friend for dinner then stay Saturday night at the Marriott before running the half marathon on Sunday.

So with my plans now rearranged - for the better, I might add - we had an early dinner then went to Mimi's school to see what this art exhibit was all about.  Four and five year olds learning all about Georgia O'Keefe and Andy Warhol definitely had potential and I didn't want to miss it!

Apparently what they were learning about these artists was sticking with them.  Christina was telling me that Mimi would come home from pre-school and talk about the artists and what they did that day.  Are we short-changing our five year olds by not diving into topics such as this??  The evidence is clear:  4 and 5 year olds can definitely learn and appreciate more deeply than we give them credit for.

One of the pieces they auctioned off...this one was my favorite, a group project in which all
of the kids participated.  It's made from plastic cups
that were softened with heat and then painted.

Mimi's interpretation of  Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Mimi's interpretation of an Andy Warhol piece

It was fun to see these pre-schoolers' interpretations of some very famous artists!  The school did a few group-effort pieces of art and then auctioned them off to raise money for the school.  These group projects were actually quite good and I had my eye on one particular piece until I saw just how high the bids were going for the other items.

Mimi's interpretation of a Georgia O'Keefe work. Mimi's work is the one on the top left.

After the art exhibit and reception, we all filed into a meeting room and watched a really well-done video, comprised of hundreds of adorable photos of the kids playing, eating, working on different projects ranging from science to cooking to art.  A very enriching curriculum for 4-5 year-olds.

The children's interpretations of Starry Night.  Mimi's work is in the bottom row center.

It was fun and I was really glad that I'd rearranged my Friday plans to spend more time with my family.
At Mimi's Creative Art Show

Tomorrow I go into downtown San Diego, check into the hotel and then switch gears into race mode.

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  1. Awesome that you get some family time in before the race. The grandkids are getting so big.