Thursday, June 11, 2015

San Diego Sightseeing

It's Monday in San Diego.  The Half Marathon race is over.   The son has the day off from work.   A perfect day to take a ride in the convertible and let my son and daughter-in-law show me some of the sights.

My ridiculously flashy rental car.  My daughter-in-law and my son
took turns driving it on this outing.

View of San Diego skyline from Point Loma
After some discussion, we all decided to spend the day down in the Point Loma area.  Daughter-in-law Christina drove the kids to school while son and I walked to Einstein Bros Bagels for breakfast, with Christina meeting us on her way home.  The morning marine layer moved out to sea much earlier in the morning than it had since I got here, so we had beautiful blue skies and glorious temperatures as we drove down I-8 toward the peninsula.

The Light House at Cabrillo National Monument

I was at Point Loma and Cabrillo National Monument in 2008 on my motorcycle, but it was a quick visit to the national park and I wasn't in the most comfortable of clothes to spend more than a few moments getting the national park stamp for my IBA National Park Tour and taking a few photos of the lighthouse.
Pretty sculpture with a whale backbone behind it.  This point of land is
an excellent viewing spot for watching the Gray Whale migrations every year.

See that bank of fog off in the distance?  This rolled in every night and
receded every day around noontime.

Cabrillo Lighthouse behind us.  At Point Loma

My handsome son!

Coastal walkway along the point - Jeremy and Christina

As we strolled along the bluff overlooking the Pacific, my son drew my attention to a submarine being escorted back to base.  It was fun to watch, as two tugs zipped out beyond the channel markers to meet the ship, a pilot boat joined them, and the little convoy continued on into the channel.

A submarine being escorted back into the harbor by tugs and pilot boat

Before leaving the peninsula, we stopped at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery so that I could see some of the graves that date back to the early 1900's.  My grandson's cub scout troop placed flags in this cemetery for Memorial Day, and he was impressed with the history associated with many of these graves.  Veterans of the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II...sometimes veterans of two of these three wars.
Check out the dates and service record
of this veteran!
A very interesting headstone.  The plaque beneath it
tells the whole story.

There's a monument to the men whose lives were lost in an explosion aboard the Navy ship, the U.S.S. Bennington on routine maneuvers in Narragansett Bay in 1954.  Seeing that was very poignant.

Monument to the men killed in an explosion aboard the USS Bennington in 1954

My son had a place in mind for lunch, a pizza restaurant recommended by co-workers.  It was within walking distance of his Navy base, and we saw several men in uniform picking up lunch to go, or sitting to grab a quick bite.  We even saw a few Australian Navy officers who were on a ship docked at the base.  That was cool!

Lunch at Pizza Nova, with son and daughter-in-law

After lunch, my son drove us a few blocks along the edge of the Navy base where he works, and then we headed back to the house, Christina behind the wheel.  We needed to be home in time to gather up the grandkids at the end of their school day.  Jeremy and I walked to the grandson's school to get him, while Christina drove to Mimi's school to get her and take her to ballet lessons.  Walking back home, our arms filled with grandson's year-end accumulation of projects and artwork, we treated ourselves to Italian ices along the way.

A glorious day spent with my son and daughter-in-law...a rare treat when we can sit and stroll and chat at leisure.

Tomorrow I say my goodbyes with hugs and kisses, return to the airport, turn in my rental car, and fly home. It's been a wonderful and full trip!

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  1. What a great day. Beautiful weather and fun things to see.

    I think it is fabulous that they gave you the mustang as a rental.