Sunday, May 3, 2015

Brookings SD - Getting Ready for Race Day

Brookings is a cute little college town on the far eastern edge of the state of South Dakota.  I arrived too early to check into my hotel so I had lunch at the Applebee's next door and then drove on in to the little downtown area, parked my car, and checked out the Main Street area.

Nick's Burgers on Main Ave.  In business since 1929.  Really
great art deco building in pristine condition.

It's the classic Main Street USA scene:  diagonal parking into the curb, old store fronts still viable with active businesses.  I found a cute little coffee shop in one of the store fronts - Cottonwood Coffee - and enjoyed a cappuccino while relaxing and enjoying the ambience.

A nice cuppa at Cottonwood Coffee.  Homey touch....ceramic mug.
It even had a chip in it, just like an old favorite mug one might have at home.

I drove around the little downtown area a bit, getting the "lay of the land" and determining where I needed to go later that afternoon for packet pickup.  Then I returned to the hotel, got checked in, and killed some time before packet pickup opened late in the afternoon.

Children's Museum

The Children's Museum was site of packet pickup, so I parked in a public parking lot that I'd found on 3rd Ave, stopped at Cottonwood Coffee for another drink to go, then continued on to the Children's Museum where I sat outside at a table and enjoyed the sunshine and the scenery while finishing my coffee before going inside to pick up my race packet.

Crab apple trees in bloom everywhere!!  I miss these so much.

I was among the first to pick up my packet, but I could see that the organizers had this down to an efficient system.  In just a few minutes I had my packet in hand and was heading back to my car.

Packet pickup inside the beautiful atrium of the Children's Museum

I considered staying in town and finding a place for dinner, but it was still early and I'd had a late lunch, so it was back to the hotel to lay out what I'd need for the race in the morning.

Tomorrow:  Brookings Half Marathon and state #48.

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  1. I am sure you are out on the race course now. Hope it is a nice route with pretty views to make it easier.