Monday, April 27, 2015

Another Race, Another Medal...or Two

The next race on my calendar was the Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Round Rock TX on April 26.  I registered for this race several months ago with the intent of doing it with someone else.  Over the ensuing months it became clear that he was not going to do this race with me; I knew I'd be doing it alone, so was unsure whether to keep my plans.  I certainly didn't need the state of TX for my 50 states quest. Add to this the fact that I have two very important races coming up in the next two weeks....state numbers 48 and 49.  So saving my energy and my legs for those upcoming races was important.

But my recent renege of the Tallahassee race in February was still bothering me.  I'm not a quitter. When I say I'll do something, I do it.  So I made up my mind.  I would run this race.  Drive up to Round Rock Saturday afternoon, get my race packet, continue on to the Holiday Inn where I had booked a room using rewards points, and just do it.

Race day morning I was awake at 5:30 AM and then out the door of the hotel at 6:15 AM.  It was a short and easy drive to Old Settlers Park and Dell Diamond where the start/finish line and the pre-race festivities were waiting for all of us runners.  There was plenty of free parking and nice breakfast snacks in the VIP tent.  I've learned that the $25 for access to VIP parking, the VIP area, and the VIP portapotty with no line is well worth that small expense.

It was warm and muggy, with overcast skies and threat of rain later in the day.  Much of the course followed a tortuous route through Old Settler's Park, doing loops, zig zags, and back and forth legs through parking lots.  Not the best route for much of it - very tedious doing the parking lot loops - but for a small section on a beautiful path through the woods.

Race route, data from my Garmin GPS watch.  A very tortuous and confusing race route.

The rain held off until about mile 9, when its arrival was announced by lightning and claps of thunder overhead.  Fortunately the lightning was short-lived, but the rain stayed with us to the finish line.

Done and out of the rain

Finisher medal around my neck and my Legacy Runner medal for running this race in its first year last year and again this year in my possession, I waited a bit in hopes they'd start the awards ceremony soon.  I was pretty sure I'd at least placed in my age group.  I chatted with a couple of past season's Biggest Loser stars in the VIP area but then made the decision to leave, get in the car and drive the 3 hours to get home.  It wasn't worth waiting another hour for a paper certificate.

Biggest Loser Round Rock finisher medal and Legacy Finisher medal

Another one done.  Oh, and I came in first in my age group. Now on to the more meaningful ones....Brookings SD next weekend and Fargo ND the following weekend.


  1. Another superb race for you!! How exciting to be doing #48 and #49. Have fun.

  2. You, young lady, are a driving force and always #1 in the adventures of life ....

    your fans are already murmering amongst themselves and want to know, " what comes after the 50th"???