Saturday, January 17, 2015

Curious Kitty

It was about 10:00 PM last night. I was in bed reading when I heard what sounded like the start of a late-night "wild cat" routine. My fellow cat owners know of what I speak. 

I heard the sound of rustling paper and of my cat running wildly around the house. What the heck??? 

Then I spotted a flash of cat racing through my bedroom, past the foot of my bed, and into the master bathroom. When my cat shot back out of the bathroom and through the bedroom toward the door, I got a better look. Is that something white she's carrying with her? Is she playing with a paper bag? 

The wildness of galloping, thumping paws and rustling paper continued throughout the house. When she darted back into the bedroom, I could see that she wasn't playing....she was panicking. Her favorite hidey hole when she's scared or stressed is a lower shelf in my closet. So I climbed out of bed to investigate. There she was, cowering on the shelf, huddled into the corner, with the handle of a fragment of gift bag around her neck. 

This was around poor Nyla's neck

It took me more than several minutes to find the other half of the bag wedged between my bed and the nightstand. And another more than several minutes to find the balls of yarn that once resided inside that bag. 

Finally found the other half wedged between bed and nightstand

"Hi, my name is Nyla and I am curious kitty."

While I've had other cats that have loved playing in paper bags, In her long 12-year life, Nyla has never shown one iota of interest in doing this.  Boxes, yes.  Paper bags, no.

Wonder what got her attention this time??  So glad this happened while I was home, and not away on a trip.  

Of course, she's now so traumatized by the sound of rustling paper, it may be a long while before she goes anywhere near another paper bag.   But I think that from now on, I'll take preventive measures, just to be on the safe side.


  1. Poor kitty. So glad you were there to help her out. She must have sen a piece of yarn that piqued her interest.

  2. I am definitely glad this happened while I was home...I would hate to think this could happen to her in my absence. Definitely will be more careful about "kitty-proofing" the house now.