Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Knitty Last Few Months of the Year

My knitting has not abated; in fact, it's becoming a full-blown addiction!  Love the yarns!  Love to shop for them!  Love looking at what's new in pattern designs.  And my yarn stash has grown beyond the point of guilt!

The nice thing about knitting is how portable it is. I've taken a knitting project with me on nearly every trip this year.

The yarn for this sweater, called Julissa, came with me on my trip to WY-CO-NM and saw much of its time in my lap while I was in Santa Fe NM.


I had some of my favorite Cascade yarn in my stash, so immediately after finishing Julissa, I cast on and started knitting this beautiful long-sleeve version of Phryne.  I'd knitted a short-sleeve version of it in the spring, and really liked the fit and the pattern so modified it to add long sleeves.  The project came with me to Salt Lake City, where I ran the Big Cottonwood half marathon.  I finished it after I returned from a trip to Michigan for a wedding later that month.

Long-sleeve Phryne

My next race was in Kansas City, and another new project came along with me on that trip.  I eagerly jumped into this sweater, called Nanook, since I absolutely loved the design and the yarn!


I had a long 12-day trip planned to New England to run three half marathons, one in Hartford, one in Newport, and one in Lowell MA.  So a knitting project was definitely needed!  The yarn, needles, and pattern came with me in my checked suitcase and I put plenty of hours into this cardigan sweater, which has a pattern number, not a name, so I'm calling it my Cabled Gusset sweater.  I managed to nearly complete the entire sweater on this trip!

Cabled Gussets Cardigan

Sandwiched in between my trip to New England and a quick dash over to New Orleans to run a half marathon, I cast on and finished this beautiful wrap called Rose Garden!  The yarn is sumptuously soft baby merino and cashmere.  So cuddly!!  I can't wait to bring it with me on the cruise ship in February!

Rose Garden

I flew to Las Vegas for a race, brought some knitting with me, but never pulled it out and worked on it.  So when I returned, I spent the next three weeks furiously working on three different sweaters, two of which I'd started before that Las Vegas trip.  One is a beautiful cardigan that I'd had in my knitting queue for nearly a year and the yarn in my stash for at least 6 months.  It's called Grown Up Girl, and I adore the final product!

Grown Up Girl

The other sweater knitted up quickly in a beautiful bulky Peruvian natural wool yarn and is called Eased.  It came out great!  In fact, I love the yarn the sweater so much, I'm knitting another in a dyed version of this yarn.

Eased - comfy like a sweatshirt!

The third sweater is another that had been sitting in my queue for months and the yarn in my stash for nearly that long.  It's called Elliptical Pleated Cardigan and I chose a linen and merino wool yarn in a pretty gray-blue shade.  As I knitted it, I was having my doubts and nearly decided to quit on it a couple of times, but I am so glad that I hung in there, because once I got close to finishing it, the sweater finally began to take shape.  Some projects are like that...it's hard to envision the final product because of the method of knitting construction until it's nearly done.

Elliptical Pleated Cardigan

I wanted to make something for my daughter-in-law but since they live in San Diego, there's not much use for most sweaters, except at night time.  Although I may need to take another look a the possibilities for sweaters for their family.  But I knitted her that same Rose Garden wrap, only in a merino wool with a foil yarn wrap, which gives it just a little bit of sparkle when the light hits it the right way.  It's in black with black foil yarn wrap, and came out gorgeous!  She loves it!

Rose Garden wrap for daughter-in-law

this photo demonstrates the bit of foil wrap sparkle when the light
hits it just the right way.
A nice trip over to Panama City for the week before Christmas gave me plenty of time to knit this wonderful pullover sweater.  It's another project that I doubted I would like when done, but I am so glad that I kept at it, since I love it and have even purchased more yarn to make it again in a different color!  It's called Jasmine.  I made a minor modification to lengthen the sleeves and can't wait to wear it!

I now have another project cast onto my needles, another lightweight cardigan and have started my second Eased sweater.

Donna and her very first completed knitting project

A nice lunch before getting into knitting.  We stayed at it
for so long that we ordered in pizza for dinner!

Donna's fabulous holiday cookies!
My good friend Donna came over the Saturday after Christmas.  I made us lunch, she brought some of her fabulous homemade cookies, and we spent the rest of the day and well into the evening knitting together.  She's a new knitter and just completed her very first project, a scarf.   A couple of weeks earlier we had gotten together and I helped her order some yarn and needles to make her very own Eased sweater, so we spent this day helping her get it cast on and started.  It has some techniques she's never done before, so I got her started, and she's well on her way with it.

London Broil on the grill, with salad

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  1. Wow, look at you go. Such beautiful projects with such detail in some of them.

    I like that you can associate your sweaters with your races too since you work on them while you are away. They are almost like mementos that way.