Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Las Vegas Hangover

Did I really do that???  I rolled over and looked at the clock....8:24 AM.  Where am I and was it all a bad dream?  Then I was fully awake.  It was not a bad dream.  It wasn't even a dream at all.  I did actually run the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon last night. I dreaded it, I showed up for it, I did it, and now it's done.  And, other than the enormous crush of humanity at the start line, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. Come to think of it, it was pretty damned cool!

I climbed out of bed, the old joints protesting a tiny bit until I'd taken a few steps and loosened things up a bit, and then contemplated what I'd done and what to do next.  One more day in Las Vegas before flying home on Tuesday morning, so the whole city was there for the "taking."

There's a great café here at Signature and yet I've not even explored their menu, so once showered and dressed, I took the elevator down to the lobby, purchased a Starbucks vente cappuccino, then walked to the Signature tower 2 lobby and ordered myself a tasty brunch of smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, capers, and fresh fruit cup.  The perfect treat after a night-time half marathon.

Salmon, cream cheese and capers on a bagel...yummm!!

My legs were begging me to get some walking in, so off I went, toward the MGM Grand lobby and casinos, easily a 1/2 mile walk through their covered pedestrian connector.  At first I thought I really ought to sit down at a slot machine just to say that I did it.  After all, I am in Las Vegas.  But after wandering through the maze of electronic machines, I just couldn't bring myself to choose one.  But I did see this great photo op, perfectly describing how I feel after running a race at night and not falling asleep until well past midnight.

Guess I'm just too logical and scientific to be lured into throwing my money away.  I could better "throw it away" on tangible items like post cards for the grandkids, a ridiculously cute 3-D refrigerator magnet for myself, and some decadent cupcakes at MGM Grande's Corner Cakes bake shop.

Really cool 3-D fridge magnet

Several months before leaving on this trip, I took advantage of special discounts offered to Rock 'n' Roll race participants and bought a ticket to see Million Dollar Quartet at Harrah's (click the link to see some outstanding video clips).  I chose the 5:30 PM show so that I could have a nice dinner afterward.  I dropped my cupcakes off in my room and then went back down to the MGM Grand lobby and took a cab to Harrah's.  I'd picked up my will-call ticket on Saturday and didn't even look to see my seat assignment.  I was pleasantly surprised to realize I was in the front row, near the center.  Wow!!

It's a small theater, with both theater-style and booth seating.  Since I was alone I'd chosen the theater-style seating.  There was a nice little bar inside the theater, so I bought myself a glass of wine to enjoy during the performance.

And what a performance it was!  It was so well-cast, it was startling, as each performer had significant resemblance to the character he was portraying.  And their singing voices!  Oh my!  Very entertaining and very well-done!!  The website synopsis:
  • Tony® Award-winning musical Million Dollar Quartet takes audiences back to December 4, 1956, when an extraordinary twist of fate brought Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins together in what became one of the most memorable nights in music. Based around that historical event, the musical recounts how the legends ended up in the same room at Sun Records in Memphis for one of the greatest impromptu rock ‘n’ roll jam sessions in history.

My toes were still tapping as I grabbed a taxi back to MGM Grand.  As I walked through this huge property, past the huge selection of restaurants, I tried to decide what I was in the mood for.  So many choices.  In the end, I chose to have dinner at Emeril's.  It wasn't crowded at all, in fact none of the restaurants were, this being a Monday.  The food was scrumptious and the service impeccable.  A very pleasant evening!

Time to pack, see if everything still fits into one suitcase (I did, after all, spend some money at the race expo), and then prepare to check out of the hotel in the morning, get a cab to the airport, and then fly home.  It was one of the very few times that I wished I were staying another day or two.  The Signature at MGM Grand was so perfect in every way, and the things to do, see, eat, visit at MGM Grand were so varied that I could easily stay there a week and never leave the property.  Until next time.....

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  1. The show sounds lovely. When we were there 5 years ago we saw Love and loved it. My boss was there a few years ago and saw the Million Dollar Quartet and enjoy it as you did.

    Hmmm, now I want cupcakes. Those really do look tasty.