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Go Girl Run Half Marathon - Another Wine Glass

I love collecting unusual or engraved wine glasses.  It all started when my husband was still alive.  We loved to get dressed up and go out to dinner at one of several high-end restaurants here in Houston.  We also loved to travel, taking international trips every year.  Along the way, we'd pick up some unique and unusual wine glasses in a number of different ways:  paired wine-flight dinners, antique shops, wine tastings.  So now, years after he passed away, I continue to add to this collection.

2013 Go Girl Run
Half Marathon wine glass
Columbia MO
So when I ran the Go Girl Run Half Marathon  in Columbia Missouri in 2013, I received a finisher's wine glass as part of the "swag" from the race.  I was handed a finisher medal, a finisher's wine glass, and the glass was quickly filled with their signature smoothie, some pink and very tasty concoction.  I love this wine glass!  I reach for it every time I have a glass of wine.  But now I need another one...a matched set.

One of the race series was being held near Kansas City, in Overland Park. I already have the state of Kansas, but... I wasn't busy that weekend, so why not?  I registered for the race, made a hotel reservation nearby, and then looked at the drive route to get there.  I could stop for the night in Miami, OK and use some hotel loyalty points for a free room at Hampton Inn.

Friday morning I was on the road by 5:30 AM, heading north toward Kansas.  After a night's stay in Miami, OK, I was back on the road early the next morning and arrived in Overland Park.  I went straight to PrairieFire where I picked up my race packet and then checked in at the hotel.

Sunday - race day morning, I was up at 5:30 AM and out the door of the hotel by 6:20 AM, walking the mile to the race start in the trendy, tony new shopping complex called PraireFire.  A group of us Half Fanatics gathered for a photo and very soon it was time to move into the chutes and await the start.

Half Fanatics represented at the Go Girl Run Kansas City!

Temperatures were a little warm and it was humid, so I knew I wasn't going to have a really great race, but I was pleased with my finish time, considering how wretched the last couple of races have been.  At least this race was at only 1,000 feet above sea level, not 5,000-7,000 feet!

Race route, data from my Garmin GPS watch

The route was great!  The first few miles ran on paved trails through the woods.  The last few miles weren't so great, running along busy urban streets in the open with no shade.   Then I was within a couple of tenths of a mile of the finish line and I could hear other women cheering everyone on.  The race director had sent out a very touching email the week before, encouraging the faster runners to stay after crossing the finish line to cheer on the back of the pack runners - which would be women like me.  It really did help.
Taken at around mile 12

I hung around afterward and waited for the awards ceremony to start.  the finish line was right in the middle of a pedestrian walkway within this shopping/dining complex and the race director had done an excellent job getting the restaurants involved.  More than a half dozen of them had booths set up and were giving us runners a taste of their tacos, tiny designer pancakes, sliders, little chocolates in the shape of running shoes, pretzel bagels, a really yummy green smoothie, and so much more.  Unfortunately for me - and most other runners - food doesn't go down well immediately after running a half marathon, but I did try a few of the delicacies being offered while I waited for the awards.

3rd place age group medal, finisher medal, wine glass

Third place in my age group!   I was happy as I walked back to the hotel, clutching my medals and wine glass and a bottle of water.  A quick shower, checked out and car packed and I was on the road, heading for home.  A stop for the night at a free room at Holiday Inn Express in Okmulgee, and I was home by 1:00 PM on Monday.

And now I have a matched pair of Go Girl Run finisher wine glasses!

Coming up next:  a trip to New England to color in the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

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  1. So cool that you traveled and ran to get the matching glass. And managed third place!! Good job.