Saturday, September 13, 2014

Packet Pick-Up for Big Cottonwood!

Sign posted in hotel lobby...nice!
One more day and it's race day!  This morning I drove down to Sandy UT to South Towne Expo Center to attend the race expo and to get my race packet.  If I wasn't excited before I definitely was as I approached the expo entrance.

Entrance to Expo at South Towne Expo Center

Nothing gets the experience off to a better start than a well-organized Expo.  Friendly faces at the bib pickup table, more friendly faces at the chip check station, and then even more friendly faces at the shirt pickup station.

Friendly bib pick-up folks
Race shirt pickup...very well organized!

Great bag with unbelievable engraved name tag!  Cool swag!

I was done with the expo; now it was time to go find some lunch.  My smartphone was showing a Subway sandwich shop across the street and down a block, but wandering around for a few minutes, negotiating busy intersections and red lights and I sure couldn't find it so I just started heading back in the direction of the hotel and found a KFC.

Weather forecasts for race day morning had been changing dramatically the last couple of days.  A strong cold front which was bringing snow just to The North of us was expected to quickly push through here Friday and Friday night.  Indeed, as the day went on today, the temperatures were dropping.  Even though I'd purchased an inexpensive fleece at Target the other day, I decided that I might need some long Pants as well.  So back over to Target and $12 found me some yoga pants with wide cuffs (to easily slip on and off over my runniing shoes) on sale.  Then, of course, I couldn't leave the store without buying a Starbucks cappuccino.  Did I mention that I'd earned a free drink by accumulating extra stars earlier this week?  Yeah, they had a promo going on for 2 days:  visit 2 different Starbucks and get 3 bonus stars.  Easy to do and it got me a free drink of my choice.  Yay!

Back to the hotel room, feet up, catching up on emails, Facebook, and watching mindless TV.

Tomorrow:  Up very early to catch a shuttle bus to the race start!

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  1. I know you are probably racing as I am typing this, but I am thinking of you as i sit here in my jammies drinking coffee. Hope it is not too chilly out there.