Sunday, July 6, 2014

Running the Negative Split Half Marathon in Spokane

Another early morning - 4:45 AM - and time to get ready to run the Negative Split half marathon.  The start line is just 1/4 mile down the river trail from the back entrance to the hotel where I'm staying...sweet!

I had some Cheerios and a banana, drank a glass of water, then gathered what I needed and headed to the start line.  For the first time in a race, I'd decided to wear my SPIbelt so that I could bring my smartphone and use the RunKeeper app to track my race.  Since I didn't bring a laptop on this trip, it will ensure my data gets uploaded to Runkeeper immediately.

It's a small race, judging from the folks who were  milling about waiting to be coaxed toward the start line.  National Anthem was sung beautifully and then we were all sent off.  The start line was right in the middle of a pedestrian bridge over the Spokane River which was very cool!

We  ran the first mile on the trails in Riverfront Park then picked up Centennial Trail on the south bank of the river and headed east.  A mile later we crossed over the river on another pedestrian bridge and continued on the Centennial trail all the way to the turnaround point.

Race route - captured by GPS from my Runkeeper app

The runners were all so friendly, greeting each other as they passed and encouraging us with a "good job" attaboy here and there.  The volunteers were all great and the water/Gatorade stations were well-staffed and well-spaced, with drinks, GU, gummy bears, and a portapotty.  Perfectly organized!

While the temperature was pleasant at the start - mid 60's - it really began to heat up as I made my way back toward the finish line after the turnaround.  Much of the route along that stretch was in the sun and I began to take significant walk breaks as I got hot.   But I was hopeful given the small size of the race that I might place in my age group.

So when I crossed the finish line I hung around and waited for the awards ceremony to start.  Sure enough....third in my age group!

State #38 is now done and I'm ever so steadily filling in the states on my completion map.

When I got back to the hotel I had a light breakfast at the cafe and then showered and changed and headed out for a race recovery walk.  I ended up at an Olive Garden for a late lunch and treated myself to a glass of Prosecco to celebrate.

Tomorrow:  touring the area a bit by car.  Perhaps take a drive up to the top of Mount Spokane.


  1. Another one down. Great job placing too!!

  2. You are really closing on completing the US map. What next, I am sure you are thinking about it. Nice job on 3rd