Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

4:30 AM came mighty early.  I rolled out of bed and jumped in the shower.  The car was already packed, all I needed to do was get dressed, grab a quick snack and get on the road toward the airport.  

The roads were empty, so was the airport, which was a big surprise to me given it was the 4th of July.  I zipped through check-in, TSA Pre security, and then had tons of time to kill at the gate waiting for my flight.  

As I sat at the gate, I realized the flight was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers  to give up their seats.  As the boarding time drew near, the bounty for volunteers increased dramatically - to $600. But not me...I had a connecting flight and a nice comfortable first class seat to Spokane!

The flights were easy, on time, and I was in Spokane airport by 3:15 PM!  It's a small, compact airport and the rental cars were just steps away.  In no time at all, I was on the road, driving the short 10 miles into downtown.  I stopped at a grocery store on the way and picked up some fruit and other snack foods for my room.

I have a room reserved for the next 5 days at the Red Lion at the Park, a beautifully situated hotel on the river.  The place was packed and the parking lot full to overflowing!   The line was long at check-in, too.  I guess it was because of the long weekend and the fact that that the fireworks will be going off right overhead later tonight.  

I had an early dinner at the hotel restaurant, a juicy kobe burger washed down with a local IPA then I headed for my room, sleepy and barely able to keep my eyes open.  It had been a long day!  I'd no sooner fallen asleep when I was wakened by the sound of fireworks.  I had a front row seat from my 10th floor room at the hotel:

Tomorrow:  Head off in search of Starbucks and then walk the Centennial Trail through the Riverfront Park and down along the falls.

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  1. Hooray your trip was a smooth one. And fireworks too, what a welcome. :-)