Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beautiful Spokane Falls

Sleep in?  Hah!  I was wide awake at 5:00 AM which of course would be 7:00 AM CDT where my body still thinks it is.  This despite having been awakened by fireworks at 10:15 PM and keeping me awake until 11:00 PM.

Rather than fight it, I gave in, got up and made a cup of coffee in my room.  By 8:30 AM I was out the door and headed for a Starbucks on Main Street in downtown Spokane.   The hotel I'm at is in a great location!  It sits right on the river, with a foot bridge connecting to Riverfront Park.  I took a meandering walk through this park on my way to Starbucks.

Starbucks, of course!

My cappuccino in hand and my Smartphone GPS showing me where I was, I headed back toward the park and strolled south toward the bottom of the falls.

A really interesting sculpture along the edge of the park.

The view was spectacular all the way down to the bottom along the paved trail edging the river.  A beautiful little park with great views rewarded me at the bottom.

The falls are beautiful!  I walked partway across a pedestrian bridge that spans the river right at the falls.

Okay, now I'm down all of these stairs; the only way out is back up those stairs.  Ugh!  My thighs were burning by the time I got to the top.  

I worked my way gradually back to that cute little footbridge to the hotel and then had lunch on the outside deck overlooking the park and the river.  

Packet pickup began at 2:00 PM so I made sure I was in my car by that time and heading over to the location of the expo a few miles away.  It was a small expo, really just packet pickup setup outside in the parking lot.  I chatted with some of the gals there for a bit then headed back to the hotel.

Tomorrow:  Race day!


  1. Do they still have the carousel at Riverfront Park? I havent' been to Spokane in a few years. Hubby's mom (RIP) lived a hour or so north, so we'd have to drive though it to get to her house.

    Have a great run today. Should be a nice route.

    1. Yes, carousel still here along with sno-cone vendors and everything else that goes along with it. :-)

  2. Did you see the oversized Baby Blocks...not to far from the Running Sculpture