Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back to the PNW!

I'm so excited!  I'm heading back to the Pacific Northwest to run two more half marathons, color in two more states on my "50 States-50 Half Marathons" map, and do some fabulous sightseeing while I'm there.

Spokane WA
Missoula MT

The scenery is going to be great!  The weather is going to be great!  And I can't wait to turn the seasonal thermometer back to what would typically be early spring temperatures at sunrise here in South Texas.  Hooray!  Low to mid 60's!  I've been training this past month in early morning temperatures in the very high 70's and >90% humidity.  So low humidity and low 60's is going to be awesome!

Packing has been a lot easier for this trip than it was for my trip to OR and ID in late May.  Watching the weather for the area for the next week, it's going to be sunny every single day, with high 80's or low 90's for the daytime highs.  All I'll need are the four S's:  Shorts, skirts, short-sleeve tees, sandals.  Heck!  My check-through bag isn't even 2/3 full!  But as always, my carry-on bag will be stuffed full of all the items I couldn't live without if my checked bag goes missing.

Bringing this with me instead of my laptop

Great Laptop tote, but going to
leave it at home this trip

My load will be lightened somewhat by my decision to leave my laptop at home.  While I did find the most perfect laptop tote, I still felt like a pack mule on my last major trip to OR and ID.  Major weaning will be happening here!  I'm going to bring my Samsung Tablet with me, and have been testing some of its capabilities that I've not really used before to ensure I have the ability to upload and edit photos, create entries - with photos - into this blog, route some day trips in Google Maps, and do some other tasks that I don't normally do on my tablet.  What's going to be a huge help is the cross-compatibility between my Android (Google) phone, my Android (Google) Tablet, and Drop-Box, and the ability to use a micro SD card with adaptor in my very capable Panasonic Lumix camera so that I can upload photos to my tablet.

So I think I've got everything, can't think of anything I've forgotten to pack.  Stay tuned...


  1. Awesome. Our weather here has been pretty good. Only one day in the 90's, but that was enough for us.

    As always, I am looking forward to your trip reports.

    1. Looking forward to your area's scenery and weather!