Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Do Butterflies and Little Girls Go Together So Well?

Today is Wednesday and today granddaughter and I drop the grandson off at his classroom then walk upstairs and visit the butterfly pavilion at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  She has an incredible sense of time and can remember exactly what is coming up from day to day.  So it was fun to hear her say over breakfast that today is the day we go to the butterfly house.

At the butterfly pavilion at Houston Museum of Natural Science

The butterfly pavilion is gorgeous.  The walk-through starts at the very top of the pavilion, where hundreds of butterflies can be seen flitting among the tops of the trees and bushes.  Here is really the best viewing spot.  But 4 year old little girls don't realize this and are impatient to keep moving down the winding steps toward the bottom floor of the pavilion.

A real beauty!

Granddaughter leads the way

At the bottom, the serpentine walkways meander through and among the tropical vegetation with plenty of benches upon which to sit and observe.  If one stops moving and stands quietly, soon the butterflies will fly near.  One nearly landed on my head as I stood there without moving.  But granddaughter had other ideas about how best to move through the pavilion.

Another real beauty!

Visitors to the pavilion are eventually sent down spiral steps to a grotto with waterfall and then through the exit door.  So within 15 minutes of arriving....we were done.  Unfortunately.  I did manage to snap a couple of photos, but the insistent "Come on, Grandma" calls from the granddaughter kept me moving and actually got a chuckle out of a couple of women who were walking through together nearby.

the new Hello Kitty shoes

Back in the car, we drove straight to the Stride Rite store in Pearland Town Center.  They didn't have the same shoes that we'd ordered from Zappos in her size, so chose a Keds shoe similar to the ones she was already wearing only in a full size larger.  She happily wore them out of the store and home, where we made lunch, I put some chicken in the crock-pot for dinner, and we had some quiet time before going back to the museum to pick up her brother.

Boredom is beginning to set in with both the grand-kids, as the books and games are becoming "old hat" and the newness of being at grandma's house has worn off.  No games, no crafts, no project books will hold their attention anymore, especially for the granddaughter.  Worse, the grandson has matured beyond his sister's level so that his interests are in reading or working on his very large and very complex Lego kit, and not in playing with his sister, much to her distress.  So the tormenting has begun, which leads to shrieking on the grandson's part, then pushing and fighting on both their parts, then crying on the granddaughter's part.

So, even though there's the promise of Movie Night with pizza on Friday, a movie seemed the best solution for after dinner today.  They both hopped into the tub for a quick bath, got their pajamas on and then we watched Aristocats and the kids loved it!

Tomorrow:  Camp for the grandson, more jewelry making for the granddaughter and then some pool-time in the afternoon after camp for both of them.


  1. I think little girls and butterflies go together so well as they are both beautiful and full of whimsy.

  2. Great post. Best of luck to your girl!