Monday, June 30, 2014

The Lazy, Hazy, Knitting Days of Summer

Hot and humid has arrived in S Texas.  Much too hot to get out and do things that don't involve air-conditioning.  Good time of year to stay in air conditioning and knit.  Some of my summertime knitting projects.

The first time I knitted this Marian sweater, it was in a linen blend yarn that had a nice soft hand and knitted up beautifully.  Unfortunately, that nice soft linen yarn also stretched terribly when I blocked the sweater, and it grew several sizes and swam on me.  I then knit it up in a soft baby merino and silk blend yarn and put 3/4 length sleeves on it, making it a nice fall/winter sweater.  But doggone it!  I really wanted this in a summery linen yarn.  Is the third time the charm??  This pretty linen yarn knitted up nicely, behaved beautifully when I blocked it, and has softened up nicely after a tumble in the dryer.  Here's the result (photo taken before I ran it through the dryer):

Marian sweater in a nice linen yarn
The same designer who came out with the Marian sweater pattern also had a sweet little cap-sleeve pullover with interesting lace effects running down the raglan increases and the along the sides of the sweater.  I loved knitting a scarf earlier this year in a Miss Babs Yowza wool, and was eager to use it again for a project.  Here it is, knitted up nicely in Miss Babs Yowza, in a pretty Fraser colorway.

Phryne in merino
When you find a designer who understands what a "size small" really is, stay with her!  I have knitted several sweaters and been sorely disappointed in the outcome.  A couple of them I've "frogged" and started over, making significant modifications to the pattern to make it SMALL!  One was so unredeemable that I frogged it and used the yarn to make an afghan.

So here's yet another sweater - a cute little shrug - designed by my now-favorite designer:

lacy shrug in merino and silk
I absolutely love this Rowan Baby Merino and Silk DK yarn!  I've now knitted two different projects with it and have been very happy with how they've come out.  I'm also intrigued by this lacy shrug.  If I had it to do again, I'd make some minor modifications to the size XXS pattern to make it fit better under the arms yet stay small enough in the shoulders.  Then I got to thinking....I love the yarn, love the pattern, so maybe I'll make another one in the same yarn, different color, make the minor modifications, and while I'm at it, go ahead and modify it so that the shrug becomes a little sweater.  Stay tuned....the yarn, the needles, the pattern are coming with me on my upcoming trip to run marathons in Spokane and Missoula!


  1. Looking good. You do such great work.

    We've gone from 55˚ and rain on Saturday to a forecast high of 96˚ today. Welcome July.

  2. gorgeous and super cute tops!