Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Cookie Monster....Or is it the Smurf Monster?

Granddaughter chose the cookie mix:  Blue Rasberry Cookie
and then chose bright pink frosting with pink sprinkles

These taste almost as gross as they look.  Not quite, but almost!  But they're very blue and the frosting is very pink.  Cookie mix and frosting picked out by the granddaughter, it's not my place to question her tastes. :-)

After we dropped the grandson off at his camp we came home and started baking cookies.   The granddaughter is old enough to help in little ways, like getting the sheets and racks out of the cabinet and overseeing my blending of ingredients and dropping the dough balls onto the sheets.  Someone pointed out they look like Smurf poop!

We ate lunch while the cookies cooled down and then iced them and granddaughter applied the bright pink sugar sprinkles with great skill and expertise.  One cookie broke as I slid it from cookie sheet to cooling rack so of course the only thing to do was for each of us to eat the pieces.

I tried to get the granddaughter to take a little nap, but it was to no avail.  But she did spend an hour of quiet time in her room, while I put sausage and fingerling potatoes into the crock pot for dinner.  Before long it was time to pile back into the car to go get the grandson from camp.

We arrived a little early and the class was visiting one of the museum halls, so we waited in the hallway outside his classroom.

Week 1 Camp Program

Outside their classroom, we could see their day's project waiting to be taken home with them:

Day 2 projects:  parachutes and gliders

 I had their swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, and some snacks packed and on the way back to the house we stopped at the pool for a nice swim.

Picking the grandson up after day 2 of camp.
Granddaughter looking adorable in her swimsuit

We got back to the house, got out of our wet suits, and began to prepare for dinner, but as we did I saw the UPS truck pull up in front of my house.  The new shoes have arrived!  The grandson's New Balance shoes were awesome and fit him well.  Sadly, the granddaughter's cute little Stride Rite maryjanes were way too big.  I packed them up and printed out a return shipping label from Zappos website then put the box in my car to bring to the UPS store tomorrow.  There's a Stride Rite store near my house....we'll stop there tomorrow morning after dropping Trevor off at camp.

Then it was dinnertime, then bath time - and time to wash their hair since it had been almost a week and they'd been in the pool twice since they arrived.  Stories and then to bed.

Whew!  I think I'm sorta kinda getting the hang of this.  The washing machine and the dishwasher are definitely seeing more action than they've seen in months!

Tomorrow:  Camp drop-off and then visit the butterfly pavilion while we're there, before running errands, buying shoes for the granddaughter and then heading home.