Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Every Grandparent's Dream Job

We all dream of this day.  It's the day that we as grandparents are entrusted with our grandchildren for more than just a few hours' babysitting.   It truly is the dream job!

My family discovered the most excellent Museum of Natural Science here in Houston while visiting me after they moved from Hawaii to Louisiana.  It's one of the best in the country.  It offers myriad children's programs all year long, and an extensive summer camp program geared specifically to finely split age groups.  My grandson is now old enough to attend this program so a plan was hatched and grandson enrolled for the week of June 2-6.   There were quite a number of programs to choose from in his 6-7 year old age group.  He chose "Booms and Blast Offs."

At first, the plan was that either my son or daughter-in-law would drive my grandson over to my house the weekend before the camp.  But as the time drew closer, my son's next duty orders came through and they had less than two months to sort all of that out, including finding housing at their next duty station.  So the plan evolved to my daughter-in-law using the week that grandson would be in camp to fly to their next duty station town and house-hunt, and my son driving both grandkids to my house, and my taking charge of both of them for a week.

They arrived at my house late Friday  night, two exhausted little kids and one exhausted son who'd been up since early that morning to put in a full day at work then driving the 6 hours to get to Texas.  But the next morning everyone - well the kids anyway - were up and eager to do something.

I know!  Let's all have breakfast at IHOP!  We piled in the car, headed to IHOP where waffles, crepes, and pancakes were the choices for the day.  The kids loved it!
Nothing beats waffles at IHOP

Right behind the IHOP is a Target store, so we went there after breakfast to pick out some project books for the kids and some kid-specific groceries including more fruit, dried fruit, fruit juice, crackers, food items I could pack for grandson's lunch every day.  A special treat or two even made it into the shopping cart for later.
At the park, on the spiral slide

sliding on the "zip-line"

On the way home, we stopped at the playground to let the kids burn off steam.  Then it was back to the house where we made some half-hearted suggestions for the rest of the afternoon, but in the end, just letting my son laze about the house for a change after a stressful and challenging work week sounded like a pretty good idea for all of us.  We watched the movie Frozen, and since I noticed that the grandkids' shoes were looking a little worn out and too small for them, my son and I picked out some new shoes for each of the grandkids at the Zappos website.  With my VIP account, the new shoes should arrive on Tuesday.  So excited!

We could hold the kids off no longer.  Sunday morning we definitely needed to go to the pool!  My son packed a lunch, we piled into the car, and the kids were beyond excited.  A good two hours spent at the pool and it was time to get back to the house, put the granddaughter down for a nap and say goodbye to my son who had a long drive back home to Louisiana.

Now I'm on my own, taking care of the two grandkids.  It will be a first time for me, handling two kids since I only had one of my own.  I had menus for dinner each night planned out in advance, the food I thought I would need was here in the house.  All I needed was to execute the plan, so to speak.

Enjoying a cappuccino and chocolate milk al fresco

Monday went off without a hitch!  We got the grandson escorted to the classroom at the museum for his first day at camp, then granddaughter and I drove towards home, stopping to enjoy Starbucks (chocolate milk for her) out on the Starbucks patio, then we went to Academy to buy flip flops for the pool (a forgotten item when packing for them), and made a quick stop at the grocery store so that I could buy a few additional items as I fine-tuned the menu plan for the week, including buying some additional fresh fruit and vegetables.

Stringing beads for a necklace

It was time to open the jewelry-making kit!  It held my granddaughter's attention for about 5 minutes.  And then she was over it.  So much anticipation waiting to sit down and make jewelry!  But in the end, it was too fussy and too time consuming for her short attention span.

By the time we got home, got the food put away, made lunch and then ate it, it was almost time to leave for the museum to pick up the grandson.  Barely time for granddaughter to get a nap....I had to wake her and had a very groggy little girl on my hands as we piled into the car.

The grandson was full of news to report after his first day at camp.  It was so exciting to hear him relate his experience in such a grown-up little boy manner!  We had crockpot chicken, rice, fresh vegetables and ice cream sandwiches for dinner.  The grandkids ate seconds of everything (except the ice cream)!

Tomorrow:  The grandson's second day at camp and the granddaughter and I bake cookies together.

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  1. Such a busy week for you, but I bet you wouldn't have it any other way with the grandkids. Enjoy your week with the little ones.