Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hood River Stroll

Breakfast on an open patio overlooking the Columbia River on a sunny and pleasant morning.  What a perfect way to start the day!  As I sat there enjoying my coffee and breakfast, a lone tug passed under the bridge, pushing two barges ahead of it.

A barge passes under the bridge and moves east on the river

I'd worn a jacket to breakfast but quickly shed it in the warm sun.  I returned to my room to drop it off before taking the shoreline path to downtown to mail some postcards and check out the downtown area.

A gaggle of geese with dozens of babies
My walk route into downtown Hood River

Some of the sights along the path:

Suspension pedestrian bridge along the path

History Museum of Hood River County

Correction:  Scotch Broom (thank you, Brandy!):  These are everywhere, turning shoulders
and banks of highways bright yellow

Tree-sized shrubs in bloom

Pretty blue bachelor buttons

Cute and colorful and everywhere!

Paddle wheel, all that remains of the Henderson, a paddle-wheel
barge that worked the river for more than half a century before
it grounded on a bank.

Beautiful and huge roses in front of the museum

I dropped the postcards off at the post office then walked up the hill to Oak Street and sat on a bench enjoying the town.  A little coffee shop was just across the street so I walked over and bought a cappuccino to sip on my walk back to the hotel.

As always, I definitely over-packed for this trip.  I'd also accumulated a full bag of dirty laundry, so did what any sane woman would do while away on a trip.  I drove to a UPS Store and shipped it all home.  Dirty clothes.  Excess clothes.  One pair of sandals.  My load has now been lightened considerably!

A restaurant next door proved to be the perfect place to have lunch and then, as luck would have it, there was a grocery store right there in the same strip mall.  It didn't come up in a Google search so I was so pleased that I could check one more errand off the list with ease.  I purchased some bananas, fresh strawberries, a small box of Cheerios, and a box of Nature Valley granola bars.

I returned to the hotel, walked next door to Starbucks for another cappucino, then sat out on my balcony planning my next day.

Tomorrow:  A drive to Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood for lunch, with stops along the way.
All photos are here:  Oregon Trip Album


  1. Nice tour. I don't think I've ever been to downtown Mount Hood. But you make it look pretty. You'll enjoy Timberline Lodge. Movies have been filmed there.

    FYI - what you mention is Mahonia is actually Scotch Broom - an invasive weed to us that really hits the allergies. A Mahonia has more sharp almost holly looking leaves. Like this:

    Hubby is a plant geek and so am I by association, lol.

  2. Ohhh, thank you for the correct name of that yellow flowering plant! I wasn't sure if it was Mahonia or not, but the flowers seemed right; definitely different leaves though.