Saturday, May 3, 2014

Back Doing My All-Time Favorite Half

Back in Cincinnati to do my most favorite half marathon...The Flying Pig.  What an event!!  It literally takes over the entire city with its excitement and love of the pig theme!

Lobby of the Duke Energy Center, where the Fitness Expo is being held.
Adorable therapy pigs at the fitness expo

I left for Ohio early Thursday morning and my first night on the road was spent in Jackson TN, where I stayed at Holiday Inn Expess in a free room, thanks to some accumulated loyatly points.  Now, after a hideously traffic- and construction-filled drive from home to Cincinnati, I'm ensconced in the Hyatt Hotel, just across the street from the Duke Energy Center, the Millenium Hotel and the street party going on down on the street below.

As soon as I arrived and got checked in, I walked one block to the cupcake shop to buy a dozen for the after-race lunch at Skyline Chili.   It's become a tradition!!  I've discovered that Skyline Chili is the perfect post-race food.  Carbs, protein, just the right savoriness to be appealing to someone who otherwise has very little appetite after running a half marathon.

Cupcakes safely wrapped up and stowed in the car, I then walked across the street to Millenium Hotel where packet pickup was set up in the ballrooms.  This is new this year.  Previous years, packet pickup was within the Fitness Expo at the Duke Energy Center next door.
Packet pickup at the Millenium Hotel
After getting my bib and clear check-bag, it was across the skywalk to the Civic Center, down the escalator and into the exhibit halls.

School children are even ino the Flying Pig hoopla.  Hundreds of these
displayed throughout the convention center, the skyways, the Millenium Hotel
This year's fitness expo is huge!!  With packet pickup now across the street, there's more room than ever for the expo.  Many vendors, lots of upcoming races promoting their events, free stuff from Proctor and Gamble, free samples from the many makers of running nutrition.  It was overload!
Entrance to the Fitness Expo in Duke Energy Center
I suddenly realized that I'd had nothing to eat all day but a cereal bar that morning and a latte later in the day.  I noticed that the hotel was having a pasta buffet both Friday and Saturday nights so I walked back and headed straight for the restaurant.  It was just a few minutes before 5:00 PM and the buffet was supposed to begin at 5:00. Good thing, because suddenly I was starving.

Seated, a glass of wine in front of me and the buffet was not quite ready to start serving.  Then at 5:30 the waiter signaled the go-ahead and I loaded up on penne pasta, linguini, a bit of salad, and a dinner roll.

Saturday morning I slept in as late as I could, knowing I wouldn't sleep well the next night - the eve of the race.  Late morning I headed out the door and strolled over to see what was happening at the street party then walked to Subway and picked up a foot-long sandwich - half for lunch, half for dinner later.

The hotel as a Starbucks so I bought a decaf cappuccino and enjoyed in the pleasant atrium seating area near the lobby, with its soaring skylights and high windows.  Very bright and pleasant!

Now in my room, watching movies and getting ready for the race tomorrow.  Race starts at 6:30 AM so it will be a very early wake-up!


  1. Those therapy pigs are adorable. Did you get your good luck snuggle with them?

  2. Trobairitz told me about your blog - very cool! I'm the pillion rider with my husband on our BMW, and we often ride to marathons. In fact, we were in New Mexico this past weekend for the Shiprock marathon. Check out my blog at It's great to see someone else riding and running!