Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Easter Bunny Found Us

My son and daughter-in-law have good friends who are now living in San Antonio.  They were classmates of my son's at Texas A&M and spent their years - like my son - traveling and living around the world, compliments of the military.  They've even been stationed nearby my son at one point in their careers.

So with the grandkids out for Spring Break, they decided to go visit their friends in San Antonio.  My house just happens to be a comfortable distance in between.  A good 6 hour drive (about the limit with small kids) from my son's home in Louisiana, and just 3 or 4 hours from San Antonio.  Daughter-in-law would drive, son would fly (due to work schedule).  

With great anticipation, I prepared for their arrival this Easter weekend.  I ordered candy baskets from Russell Stover from their website and eagerly awaited their arrival on my doorstep.  When they did, I was shocked at the amount of chocolate in each basket for such a modest price.  Yikes!  It was definitely appropriate to open the baskets and remove a whole bunch of that candy.  I also swapped out the stuffed bunnies: white bunny for my granddaughter, the brown bunny for my grandson.  I then hid them (barely) for when they arrived.

It was so much fun having them here!  I miss seeing them!  The original plan was that they would arrive Friday and leave for San Antonio the next day.  So in that spirit, we let the kids find the baskets as soon as they arrived and let them eat their fill of chocolate.  I had put baby back ribs on the smoker earlier that afternoon and had makings for a nice salad, so there was no real hurry and no real plan for when we'd eat....just whenever everyone was hungry.  

When they arrived that afternoon, I could see that my granddaughter wasn't feeling well.  She was wan and glassy-eyed and the real clincher was the fact that she totally ignored the contents of the candy basket.  She wasn't even up for the confetti egg shenanigans!  I'm still finding bits of confetti in the house in the oddest places.  No doubt tracked there by tiny feet - and adult feet, too!

As the afternoon progressed, she sank deeper and deeper into a "not feeling well" funk.  She barely touched her dinner.  Passed up all offers of candy, ice cream, or any other food that a child would normally gobble up.  

After dinner I noticed that she felt warm and was probably running a fever.  Sure enough, the next morning shortly after breakfast, she threw up.  She still felt hot, and was definitely not feeling well.   She napped pretty much all day, rallying only briefly mid-day but quickly fading after lunch.  My daughter-in-law made the decision early in the day that they would stay one more night and then make a decision whether to continue to San Antonio on Sunday or to turn around and head for home.  

Poor little thing!  She was so cranky; clearly wasn't feeling well. 
Beyond distraught!

Mom trying to calm down a very distraught little girl.

It's all about the skirt...where's my skirt?  I want
to wear a skirt! (the skirt was in the laundry)

I made a quick run the store to buy more milk and some juice.  I cobbled together dinner for Saturday, defrosting some chicken and putting it in the crockpot.  While Mimi napped, Trevor was so good!  He stayed quiet and amused himself, first with a Disney movie, then with some puzzles.

Hooray!  She woke up from a very long afternoon nap and was a totally different little girl!  The fever was gone and she was chipper and chatty.  She ate a bit of dinner - certainly more than she ate the night before - and by bedtime, she was rambunctious and playful, goading her brother and running through the house shrieking and laughing.  Thankfully!

Some time during the night the Easter Bunny visited my house yet again.  Another basket for each child - these filled with toys more than candy - and there were brightly colored eggs scattered about the back yard for an Easter egg hunt.  

Easter egg hunt booty

Then they packed up and too soon they were backing out of my driveway on their way to San Antonio.  I always hate how quiet the house is when they leave...

A relaxing afternoon watching the kids on
their scooters.

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  1. So glad the family came to visit. Happy too the bug that bit your granddaughter was just a 24 hour one.

    I hate to see little kids sick, they don't handle it well. Who am I kidding, some adults don't either, lol.