Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gone Crazy With Knitting!

It all started with a visit with friends in Roanoke VA in 2009.  There we all sat in our hospitality suite at the Holiday Inn, snacking on fruit and cold cuts, drinking wine, getting caught up with life events and gossip. One of my friends was managing to do all this while knitting.  She never missed a, a stitch.  So she and I started talking about knitting.  About how I learned to knit when I was 8 or 9 or 10 years old, how I kept knitting right up through college.  How I had sporadically continued to knit until 1990, when I abandoned two projects (a half-done sweater and a nearly done afghan) when I packed up to move to Texas.  And that was the last I ever held a knitting needle.

But I was intrigued and interested again.  She shared with me a website called Ravelry, which is a treasure-trove of patterns, projects, forums, chat rooms.  When I got home from that trip I logged in and created an account, even looked at some of the patterns and browsed yarn at the local hobby store.  But I just couldn't get started.  It actually seemed a little overwhelming.  I needed someone to guide me along.

Then that same friend posted a photo of a nice knitted cowl on Facebook a few months ago.  She'd just completed it and I really liked how it looked.  That's exactly what I needed to get kick-started!  She shared the link to a couple of yarn stores on-line and I bought some beauitful yarn at JustYarn - Malabrigo handspun, hand-dyed wool yarn, colorway "Garden Gate" - and downloaded the pattern and I was then off and running.

So here's that first project:

Infinitude Scarf

Emboldened now, I downloaded another pattern, this one for a nice bandana-style scarf and went to Hobby Lobby to buy some yarn.   The project went quickly:

Age of Brass and Steam scarf

It was all coming back to me now.  I was ready to try something a little more challenging, so I browsed the patterns at Ravelry and found this beautiful shawl.  Bought the yarn at Hobby Lobby - a nice superwash wool in oatmeal color, and got to work:

Lonely Tree Shawl

Love how this came out!  It's the perfect size to wear several different ways

It quickly became my favorite and came with me on several trips - to Las Cruces, to Sedona, and then to Grand Junction - where having a nice warm wrap came in handy.

I still had a skein of that beautiful Malabrigo handspun yarn  so downloaded a pattern for a beret and brought the yarn and needles with me to Las Cruces, where I worked on it in the evenings and during down-time.  When I got to the crown of the hat I realized I needed double-point needles so found a Hobby Lobby near the hotel.
Columbia Beret

More yarn stores on-line, more yarn!  This is Heartland yarn, a beautiful super-wash wool went into my yarn stash.  It knitted up beautifully into this scarf called Little Clouds.  Love the ruffled edge!

Little Clouds Shawlette

While in Sedona, I won a $75 gift card and promptly took it to the yarn shop in town and bought enough skeins to make this sweater and an interesting shawl.  The shop had the shawl on display, made in a taupe and grey variegated tencel yarn.  It was different, not something I would have thought to make if it had not been on display.  So I bought a skein of that tencel yarn in a magenta variegated and the shop owner printed me out a copy of the pattern.
This sweater pattern is called February Lady.  I love how it came out!
The woman who developed the pattern took an infant's sweater
pattern and modified to fit, as she says, "a big-assed woman"

The tencel yarn

So, once I got home from Sedona, I had two projects on needles, both vying for my time and attention.  The shawl is difficult, the yarn like string and hard to handle, so I can only work on it for a little while before needing to put it down.
Mizzle Shawl, using shop owner's adapted pattern for
this particular yarn.  Beads applied at start of fluted border.

I purchased yarn to make a sweater from Lion Brand on-line. The sweater was a disaster, coming out way too big!  So I unraveled the whole thing and used the yarn to make a thick, warm cabled throw.   Now I'm on their mailing list for their weekly newsletter - a terrible enabler if I ever saw one!
Lions Brand pattern for cabled throw.  

I made another throw for my daughter-in-law in dark green, the school color for U. Oregon, her alma mater.

And another cabled throw!  This one for my daughter-in-law

Now I can't stand not having a project to work on!  I can watch TV in the evenings and work on a project - perfect multi-tasking.  So I made this scarf.  I had downloaded the pattern a couple of months earlier, when I started to seriously browse the patterns on Ravelry.  But I didn't have any yarn for it, so I went back to and bought this pretty brown and light pink variegated wool yarn and got to work on it. 

Column of Leaves scarf

Now my office is taken over with yarn!  I have yarn for upcoming projects; I have leftover yarn from finished projects; I have "spec" yarn for who-knows-what projects, purchased only because I liked the color, not because I had something in mind.

And a friend on Facebook saw my photo of that Column of Leaves scarf and wants one, too.  So he bought the yarn, had it shipped to my house, and now I'm working on his scarf, along with a really pretty sleeveless sweater for myself.  My horizon is filled with knitting!!

Column of Leaves scarf for a friend.  MissBabs Yowza yarn, in Candied Pecan

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  1. Beautiful work. It can be fun to multi-task.

    My mom is always working on a project or two or three all at once and I often wonder how she keeps track of them.

    I've been working on the same cross stitch project for over 8 years now. Kind of embarrassing when I have to type that out.

    Happy stitching!