Friday, January 24, 2014

Yes We Have (No) Bananas

No trip to a destination half marathon would be complete without searching for bananas, a search made all the more difficult when transportation involves planes, cabs, and airport shuttles.

But this trip, I'm in my car and the grocery store near the hotel - an Albertson's - has already been scouted.

Leaving my home town....boy, was I lucky!  One day later and I'd have been on icy, treacherous roads getting out of town.  I droned along I-10 heading west through Texas, the clouds heavy, smatterings of rain here and there, the temperature dropping from 55 degrees at the start of the day to 32 degrees that felt like 15 degrees with the stiff northerly winds.  The light rain in near-freezing temps had me worried.  Whew!  But the roads were dry by the time I got to Fort Stockton for the night, with no rain in the forecast.

The next morning was clear and cold.  Very little traffic and a wide open road to El Paso!

I took a break in Van Horn, stopping at a Love's truck stop and there they were...bunches of gorgeous, perfectly unblemished bananas!  Just a little green near the stems, just the way I like them!  I scooped up a small "hand" of four bananas and added them to my little food stash.

Then it was through the gauntlet that is El Paso and on toward Las Cruces NM.

It's early...will the hotel let me check in?  Yes!

With the car unloaded, I made a quick trip over to a nearby Hobby Lobby.  Ridiculous!  I've rediscovered knitting as an idle pastime and brought a couple of projects with me for next week when I'm relaxing in Sedona.  To get one project off the needles, I need a set of double-pointed needles for the finish work and don't have any.  But Hobby Lobby does!

Tortilla was chock full of vegetables and chicken
and it was delicious!

A late lunch/early dinner at the hotel restaurant and then chill out for the evening.

Tomorrow:  packet pickup at the convention center and then I'll check out historic Old Mesilla nearby.

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  1. We were away for the weekend so I am playing catch up.

    I've not heard of Hobby Lobby until we saw the signs that we are getting one in Albany (10 miles away) It looks to be huge.

    The views of those wide open roads are very nice.