Friday, January 31, 2014

Visiting Lovely Sedona Once Again...

I've parked myself in the Village of Oak Creek, just 7 miles south of Sedona, and plan to do not much of anything for the week.  A little food, a little wine, a little chocolate.  I'm set for the week!

Sunrise greeted me with a glorious view off my balcony.

Tuesday morning, all resort owners were invited to a hot breakfast and members' benefits update presentation.  Of course, this is just a thinly disguised sales pitch, but I did get a most excellent breakfast burrito with chorizo, pico, and a giant bowl of fresh fruit.  For agreeing to sit one-on-one with a representative for about an hour after the presentation, I walked away unscathed but with a $75 Mastercard gift card.

By the time Thursday rolled around, I was ready to get out and explore, so I mapped out a little route to take me to some of my favorite places.

First stop, the yarn shop in town called Knit Wits, where I spent every dollar of that $75 gift card!

Knit Wits Yarn Shop, Sedona AZ

Pretty blue-green yarn...I have a project in mind for this!

The owner of the shop shared one of her knitting patterns with me and now it's underway with some of the yarn that I purchased.

Gorgeous Teresa Ruch Designs Tencel 3-ply

Next it was down 89A to Page Spring Road and a couple of my favorite wineries.  Oak Creek has a particular white wine that I love but there were other wines I'd not tasted before.
Oak Creek Winery

Tasting room at Oak Creek Winery

Their list is extensive and a $20/5 glass tasting only touches part of that list!  I had the shop keeper all to myself and since I didn't have to be anywhere, I took my time and had a great chat with her.  They  have a very nice little cheese plate to nibble on while sipping the wines.   5 different cheeses, candied pineapple bits, almonds grown right there at the winery, Spanish olives, and some tasty little wine biscuits.  Perfect!

Nice little cheese and nibbles plate

Their deal is buy three get one free, so I bought 9 (3 each of various varieties) and added three more to make a full mixed case.  Sweet!

Sufficiently "buzzed" but not too much so, it was on to Page Springs Winery.  I had two blended reds on my list and bought 3 bottles of each.  Now my cargo area is filled with clinking wine bottles and it was time for a late lunch.
Page Springs vineyards

Page Springs Winery

Just down the road is a truly great restaurant "find," discovered a year ago when I spent a week in Scottsdale.  Harry's Hideaway.  I wrote about them a December 2012 blog entry.  This visit I had a thin-crust fig and proscuitto pizza and it was excellent!  Sounds like an odd combination, but the fig is rendered into a thin paste and spread onto the pizza dough just as pizza sauce would be.

It was after 3:30 PM by the time I returned to my villa, sated and with my day's "booty" in tow.

Tomorrow:  I'm volunteering at the Sedona Marathon packet pickup in the really pretty Tlaquepaque village in Sedona.

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  1. Oooh those yarns look so pretty. My grandparents owned a stitchery and yarn shop for 20 years in Florence Oregon so I grew up with a love of anything stitchery related. My grandmother taught me how to knit in high school when I spent the summer with them, just so she could show my mom I really could sit still for longer than 5 minutes. I haven't really knit since but I still love to cross stich.

    Enjoy your down week.