Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Not Hard - It's Just the "Getting There"

I've put this off long enough.  Time to start packing for my trip to Las Cruces NM and beyond.

Packing for cold weather always throws me for a loop anyway, so imagine how in a tizzy I am over this trip.  Low 30's in the mornings; mid 60's by the afternoons.  I've lived in near sub-tropical climes for so long that I've lost all good judgement when it comes to matching clothing to outside temperatures.  Even more difficult to gauge how much - or how little - clothing I can get away with when running a half marathon.  Oy!

Yesterday I made sure that every single article of clothing I own was clean and folded and put away.  Silly, I know, but consider more tearing the house apart looking for that one particular shirt or that special pair of socks that I absolutely MUST take on the trip but absolutely CANNOT find.

The cat knew that something was up as soon as the piles started to appear on the blanket chest next to the bed.  That's her signal that mom is about to go out of town.

Let's see....if the lows on race day morning will be 31 degrees, how warm will it get?  Wait.  That's 31 degrees at 7 AM.  Two hours later, at 9 AM when the race starts, it will be up to 45 degrees.  By the time I cross the finish line, temps will be in the high 50's, maybe even the low 60's.  But then, on the other hand, there will be some standing around in the early morning, waiting for the race to start, which brings me back to considering those low 30's temps again.  [Sigh].

The cat was absolutely no help at all.  She laid there, feigning indifference, as I tried to decide what to wear on race day, and changed my mind several times.

The only solution is to bring a "disposable" sweatshirt - the kind that I buy in the boy's department at Walmart for six bucks.  I'd bring an old ratty long-sleeve race shirt, knowing it will get tossed along the roadside, but I've long since used up all that I'm willing to part with.  I regret a few of those that I did toss aside callously, with no consideration for how that shirt got into my wardrobe in the first place...long-forgotten 5K and 10K races, Komen run/walks, jingle bell runs.

No time to wax sentimental!  Time to wrap up this packing chore and ready the house and cat for the trek across I-10, west to Las Cruces and the Biggest Loser RunWalk!

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  1. Kitty looks pretty content with watching you pack and decide things.

    I can see how it would be hard trying to layer for the difference in temps.

    Have a good drive and enjoy the run.