Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Disneyworld....The "Getting There" Part

It seems like only yesterday I was driving across I-10 to Florida.  Oh, wait!  It was pretty much only yesterday!  I don't mind....my quick trip over to Cedar Key to see good friends Kevin and Deb Healey along with a few dozen other riding friends was well-worth it.

Mimi learns we're
going to Disneyland!
Now it's back across I-10 again Saturday morning, this time to spend a week in the Orlando area, some of it with friends for a lunch get-together, most of it with family. 

I made a quick stop en-route to Orlando at my son's house to pick up a car seat, their double stroller, and all of their luggage.  This works out perfectly!  It will greatly ease their trek through the airports a couple of days later.  I arrived in time for lunch and stayed a couple of hours visiting over lunch, where I made the announcement to the grandkids that we were all going to Disneyworld.  They  knew they were going on a trip on an airplane but didn't yet know the destination.  My son saved that announcement for me to make over lunch.  Awesome!  They were excited!

Entryway to my timeshare
I continued on, stopping for the night in Crestview FL, using ChoiceHotels points for my room at the Comfort Inn, and continued on to Orlando Sunday morning.  Sabal Palms Vacation Club timeshare, on the grounds of the fabulous Marriott World Resort, is my destination.   I've stayed here before and it's the perfect place to call home for a week.  Beautiful, spacious two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with full kitchen.  Full use of the resort amenities and just a mile away from the grounds of the Disney parks gateway, 7 miles to the Disneyworld parking lot.  It's also a straight shot to the airport 16 miles away, so will be easy to pick up the rest of the family on Wednesday and drop them off at the end of the trip.  The grandkids and I will stay here, while my son and daughter-in-law will enjoy the privacy of their own room at the Marriott Hotel, an easy walk away from my timeshare.
Our groceries...

Monday morning I headed to the nearby Publix to shop for groceries for the week.  But not before walking over to the hotel for a Starbucks cappuccino.  Life is good! 


I have quite a few friends living in Florida, many of whom live within an easy drive or motorcycle ride from the greater Orlando area.  So whenever I come to Florida, I call a lunch get-together and am always pleased with the number of folks who join us.  Many of these friends are retired, so a weekday lunch get-together is always welcome. 

I posted a Tuesday lunch on the MTF forum and many folks responded.  We all met at Cherry Pocket on Lake Pierce for a wonderful visit and outdoor lunch in beautiful weather. 


Tomorrow - Wednesday - the family arrives by plane and we'll have several days to play together!  We have Disneyworld 2-day passes for everyone, passes to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Thursday night, and hopefully will get lots of pool time in at the resort's fabulous pool complex!


I picked the family up at the airport a little before noon on Wednesday and after feeding them lunch, and letting Mimi take a nap, we all headed over to the pool for the afternoon.  First the big pool, and then we moved over to the wonderfully child-appropriate Splash Pool.  The kids loved it!

Tomorrow:  Disneyworld!!

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