Saturday, December 21, 2013

Disneyworld Day 2 - Back to the Fun!

Friday morning and the kids barely slept in!  Mimi peeked out at around 7:00 AM, followed shortly by Trevor.  I was surprised to see her up so early, considering how exhausted and totally delirious she was the night before.  But little kids bounce back a lot more quickly than their adults do, that's for sure! 

I made them breakfast and had them parked in front of the movie Cinderella on the Disney channel when their dad showed up.   We lazed about and waited for their mom to show up then piled into the car and headed back over to Disneyworld.  We were getting to be old pro's at negotiating the parking, trams, and Monorail, this being our third time there in little more than 24 hours.  We again walked to the monorail station to avoid what surely would have been a long wait to get onto one of the parking doubt it would take waiting through two tram arrival-departures before we'd be able to board one with the stroller in tow.

Back into the park, we made a beeline down Main Street toward Adventureland.  I found the Starbucks on Main Street, bought my morning "fix" and then caught up with the family at the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House just as Trevor and his dad were exiting the attraction.  Trevor wanted to do it again and he found a willing partner in me.  Up we went, up the winding stairs, through the different levels - bedroom, parlor, kitchen, dining room, and, at the very tiptop, the study with desk and hammocks.  Very cool! 

Everyone wanted to do Pirates of the Caribbean again.  Afterward, we decided to have an early lunch again, since that seemed to work out so well the day before, crowd-wise.  This time we ate Mexican, getting burritos and quesadillas all 'round.

This was just the little respite we needed before moving on to the next big adventure:  The old-fashioned train ride over to Fantasyland where I waited while the rest of them rode the Barnstormer kid-sized rollercoaster. 

Then another spin on the carousel was in order before we all headed over to Tomorrowland and Space Mountain.  

Mimi is too small to do this ride so she and I bought ice cream and found a shady bench to wait.  We had a wonderful little rest, at one point taking a little stroll around Tomorrowland and then finding a restroom before returning to our shady little spot to wait. 


Wondering if Mimi would take a nap in the stroller, we decided to separate after doing the Muriel little mermaid ride, with Christina and Mimi taking a long walk, heading toward Main Street, and Jeremy, Trevor and I continuing toward Adventureland and more rides. 

We did the Haunted Mansion, my absolute favorite ride.  Trevor very matter-of-factly stated that he found it scary.  It was fun to learn this, because it meant he was old enough to understand the difference between scary-terrifying and scary-fun! 

We wanted to ride Thunder Mountain but it was temporarily closed for technical problems earlier in the day, but we didn't return even though we were close to it at this point.  Instead, Jeremy  had gotten a Pre-pass for a repeat ride on Space Mountain, so we headed back over there and went nearly to the head of the line.  At the last minute, Trevor suddenly had a little "melt-down" so he and I were led to a waiting area where the cars unload, and waited for his dad to do the ride and return to us. 

Our day was pretty much winding down.  We knew that the kids had just about had enough, so headed over to Main Street to find Christina and Mimi.  She had one last thing she wanted to do at one of the shops on Main Street:

Personalized Mickey Mouse ears for the family!

Then one last photo with Goofy:

...and we headed for "home," a carful of happy but tired people!

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