Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 3 in Orlando - Let's Have A Pool Day!

Our two days and one night at Disneyworld are now behind us and we're all "Disneyed" out!  We had talked about maybe going to LEGOLAND on Saturday, but in the end decided that a day lazing around the pool at the resort sounded so much better.

The kids slept in well past 7:30 AM on Saturday morning which was a blessing!  I was up and dressed and ready for them as I had been every other morning, but this morning I was happy that they'd slept in.  Eventually they wandered out of their bedroom and into the living room looking sleepy-eyed and groggy.  Jeremy and Christina showed up more than an hour later which meant they slept in a bit, too.

Today it's to the pool!!  By 10:30 we had the kids in their swimsuits and were heading toward the fabulous pool complex at the resort, a short walk away.  We parked ourselves with absolutely no intentions of leaving until the kids had had enough! 

We ordered drinks, had lunch poolside, and just generally enjoyed the decadence of not having to do a single thing but enjoy the perfect weather and watch the kids having fun in the splash pool.

The down-time gave me time to reflect on the last two days and to relive memories of the time I was at Disneyworld with my son for the first time, many years ago.  How much the park has changed!  How much hasn't changed!  How the crowds are now so much bigger!  How, while entry into the park has become so expensive, the food and souvenirs once in the park are still quite reasonably priced.  How differently each of the kids reacted to the experience, and how different the experiences were between Trevor's and his dad's when he was his age. 

At last the kids were showing signs that they'd had enough, confirmed by their willingness to leave the pool when told we were going back to the apartment.  No fussing, no complaints from them.  Christina had a 1:00 PM massage scheduled at the spa, so Jeremy and I took the kids back, got Mimi in for a nap, and Trevor set up with movies and quiet busy-time activities for the next couple of hours.

Our trip is nearing an end.  Only one more dinner together Saturday night, then start packing things up for our departure the next morning. 


Sunday morning came too quickly!  As Jeremy and I packed the car, Christina took the kids to the pool one last time.  I checked out of my timeshare and Jeremy and I walked over to the resort pool one last time.  The kids swam, I sipped a Starbucks cappuccino, then the family headed to the hotel room one last time to change out of swimsuits and to check out of the hotel, before having lunch at the hotel's food court before heading to the airport.  They fly home, I begin my two-day drive home, stopping at their house on the second day to drop off their luggage and the car seat before I continue on toward my home. 

Oh, and that double stroller?  It was left outside the Lost-and-Found department of the hotel, where hopefully it will find a new owner.

All the Disneyworld trip photos can be seen here:  Disneyworld Trip

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