Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Games

Nothing encourages me to take a motorcycle out for a ride more than a "tagging" game.  There are always a few of them going on at the same time, it's just a matter of getting out there and participating.

Here's how they work.  One type of tagging game is to simply go out and find something similar to what the previous tagger has posted. So for example, if that person posts a photo of a fruit stand, then the next person goes out and finds a fruit stand, takes a photo of it with his/her motorcycle and posts it along with a photo of a new tag.  The new tag can be anything:  A photo of a church or a statue or a particular type of bridge...just some interesting along the roadside.  That's one type of tagging game.

The other type of tagging game is sort of like a scavenger hunt.  They've become quite popular in the last couple of years and don't require riding to a specific destination somewhere else in the country in order to participate.  A self-designated "rally master" sets up the rules of the game and provides a list of the items/destinations to be tagged and then provides a time frame in which to participate, usually several months, but sometimes a shorter time window.  The rider with the most tags and therefore the most points is the winner.. 

A friend of mine posted a Christmas-themed tagging game last night.  There's a list of 25 or 30 specific items and there's a "rally flag" that we are to print out and include with each photo.  We have until December 31 to capture as many of the photo tags as possible.  Use of a flag prevents folks from searching through their photo archives and posting a photo that they'd gotten prior to the start of the game.  They're lots of fun and provide an excuse to get the bike out for a little ride.
Rally flag

So this morning I printed out the rules, the list of tag items, and the "rally flag."  Perusing the list of items, I identified a number of them that I can get right here in my neighborhood. 

I went out for a brisk walk this morning, partly to get back into it after taking two weeks off from my last half marathon.  But also to scout the neighborhood for photo ops for the tagging game. 

In addition to the list of tags, there will be bonus items announced weekly.  The very first bonus, announced late last night, is to create a video...worth 20 points.  So as soon as I got back from my walk, I set the camera up, got the required props and produced a little video of me singing Jingle Bells while sitting on my bike.  What I won't do to get my first bonus points!

One item on the list - a menorah - will be an easy tag.  A house in my neighborhood always has a menorah and a dreidel in the front yard every Hanukah season.  But I kept my eye out for other items as well.  The list is rich with inflatable lawn ornaments and lighted trees.  But I was disappointed in how few houses have been decorated so far for the holidays.  I know of one house that has a bonanza of inflated lawn ornaments but they've not been installed yet.  I'll have to wait for those.

Menorah and a dreidel

Another item on the list is a sign for a Christmas concert or play.  So after getting the menorah photo, I rode around to the entrance of our neighborhood where the events sign is located, hoping that it listed the Christmas concert that our CountryPlace Singers always put on.  But alas, the sign says "Christmas Party" instead.  I took the photo anyway and went back home and took a photo of the announcement in our neighborhood newsletter, which says "Christmas performance by the CountryPlace Singers."

All fun!  Now to wait for the inflatables to start springing up on folks' lawns.


  1. That video is so cool. Points or no, I don't think I'd have the nerve. Well done.

    Our local forum usually has tag games going but has slacked off this year. I like that there is a Christmas one out there.

    I'm jealous you are in shorts. Our high on Saturday is supposed to be only 28˚F. Brrrr

  2. I laughed at the video. Well done! You are one crazy lady! Full of fun and life, as usual.