Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ocean City MD and Seagulls

With nowhere to go and nothing to do until next Saturday's race in Dover DE, I decided to park myself for a few days in Ocean City MD.  It was a totally random selection and had no rhyme or reason except I've never been to Ocean City before.

It was very windy when I arrived here on Sunday, and felt colder than the actual 55 degrees.  The view off my balcony is spectacular, but windy.  I'm on the 6th floor which seems to be about the level at which the seagulls pick up the wind currents.  They float and soar right at my eye level, their heads turning this way and that as they scan the beach front below them.  Pretty cool!!

View from my balcony at Hilton Oceanfront Suites

My room is a nice two-room suite with a full kitchen and a nice balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Part of me wanted to get out and explore the beach, the boardwalk, the touristy sections, but a bigger part of me was very tired.  After going back out to pick up a few groceries at the Super Walmart, the couch and the big flatscreen TV in the living room grabbed me and held me hostage for the rest of the day.  Room service for dinner - Scottish salmon, couscous, green beans - and my afternoon/evening of slothfulness was complete.

Monday was more of the same slothfulness, except for going downstairs to have lunch at the restaurant - a yummy bowl of mussels - and then a cappuccino to take back to my room.

Tuesday showed promise of slightly warmer, less windy weather, so I decided to walk the four blocks south to the northern terminus of the boardwalk at 28th Street, and then walked the boardwalk to 6th street and then cut over to the post office at 5th and Philadelphia Ave.  I had a passel of cards to mail - one of them a birthday card which will arrive late.  That task complete, I began the long walk back to the hotel, hoping I'd pass someplace that was open for lunch.
Ocean City Boardwalk - pretty much deserted

Nearly everything along the boardwalk was closed for the season.  Finally, 4 or 5 blocks from the hotel, I found a little crab-shack kind of place - PGN Crab House - that was open and had an oyster sandwich.  Fried oysters between two slices of fresh white bread.  Odd combo that actually works!

It was a good brisk 3.8 mile walk and my body appreciated the exercise after a couple of days off from running. 
Tuesday morning walk on the boardwalk

Back at the hotel, cappuccino in hand, I returned to my room and resumed my vegetative state.
I did some routing and rerouting of my drive up to Dover later in the week and decided to stay on US 1 through Rehoboth, which will be more scenic than the inland route.  Maybe a little slower due to traffic but actually a few miles shorter. 

Wednesday morning and I was truly bored.  There's a Tanger Outlet Mall here in Ocean City but I noticed from their website that there's a much larger one in Rehoboth.  I might stop along the way to Dover and do some shopping.  My boredom won out and I decided to drive to the nearby Tanger Outlet Mall.  There's an Eddie Bauer outlet store there that might be worth checking out. 

I got my "steamed crabs fix" afterward at Marina Deck Restaurant. 

Tomorrow:  Pack up and head north up US 1 toward Rehoboth and then on to Dover DE for the Monster Mash half marathon on Saturday.  I think I'll stop at the post office and mail a box of dirty clothes home.


  1. Is it normal that everything packs up and closes for the fall and winter? I would think people would still like to see the ocean and storm watch.

  2. I love Ocean City! Was there in '96 for a week's conference and took the family and the in-laws. You should go back when it's high season. Lively and fun and beautiful beach weather! :)