Monday, September 30, 2013

Decision Made! The Biggest Loser RunWalk in Las Cruces!

New Mexico.   New Mexico.  New Mexico.  Gotta get a half marathon done in New Mexico! 

I'm more than halfway to finishing my goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states.   I need New Mexico (and a whole bunch of other mountainous states for that matter), but for a "flatlander" like me it's gotta be in a region where the elevation isn't gasping-from-oxygen-starvation high.  That kind of limits my choices.

There's a race in December that looks interesting, but it's uncomfortably close to Thanksgiving on the front end and a planned trip to Disneyworld with the grandkids on the back end.  Doable, but definitely not my preference.

So with that December race "penciled in" on my calendar way back last spring, I put it out of my mind.  I had other races to concentrate on for the rest of the year.

The reality show The Biggest Loser is my all-time, must-see favorite TV show.  I have watched every single episode of this show, going all the way back to the first seasons when Caroline Rhea was the host.  My DVR knows how much I like this automatically starts recording the episodes whenever a new season starts.  Good DVR!

And of course, to receive the newsfeed about their upcoming race events, I've "liked" The Biggest Loser RunWalk page on Facebook.  I don't know why I did that.  Curiosity maybe...and perhaps a bit of hope that they might hold a race in one of the states that I've not yet captured. 

When news of their Biggest Loser Walk/Run Las Cruces NM race showed up in my newsfeed the other day....Bingo! 

Isn't it funny how things work themselves out?

For the next four months I'll be chronicling my running, my racing, and all of my missteps (yes, life is never perfect) along the way, as I prepare to participate in the Biggest Loser RunWalk event, Las Cruces NM, on January 26, 2014.  Those posts will appear at my Biggest Loser RunWalk blog which will include some exclusive content and photos, but many posts will be copied here as well.

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  1. Well that one sounds like fun.

    Less than four months to go. You'll be raring to go by then.