Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Cornhusker State Half Marathon is Done!

I love easy and simple...this was as good as it gets.  Great hotel, out and back race course, race start and finish line one block away, perfect weather. 

The race started and finished in front of the TD Ameritrade Stadium, an easy walk from the hotel and I didn't need to head over there until just a few minutes before the race start.   I had a nice chat with some folks waiting with me in the start corral and then we were sent off amid whoops and cheers.

When I got near the 2nd mile marker I heard someone calling my name and saw a man waving at me, moving toward me.  Who the heck is that?  How did he know my name?  Our names weren't printed on our bibs like they do for some of the races. 

As I got a few steps further down the road it dawned on me.  That has to be Lou from Omaha!  Then I felt bad that I only waved and smiled at him, didn't really acknowledge him, so I hoped he'd be there when I came back that way on the return leg of the race. 

Somewhere along the route
The route was straightforward:  a couple of blocks south, a couple of blocks west, then 6 miles straight north, around a pretty park, do a U-turn, then retrace our steps.  When I made that U-turn I was thankful to see that there were still quite a few folks behind me.   Always encouraging. 

When I got back to that spot on the race course, Lou was no longer there.  Oh, well....I vowed to send him an email afterward.

Route took us inside Ameritrade Stadium, where we
ran around the outfield.

The route took us into the Ameritrade stadium and around the outfield before dumping us back out onto the road and across the finish line.  Definitely unique.  A camera captured us as we made that loop and our image appeared up on the Jumbotron screen as we came around 2nd base, heading toward 3rd base. 
Inside TD Ameritrade Stadium

As I crossed the finish line and accepted my finisher's medal, I again heard my name being called.  It was Lou!  I was so glad he stuck around and waited for me to finish!   It really does mean a lot to have a cheerleader out there on the race route.    I thanked him profusely for coming out to cheer me on, and we chatted for a bit.  Unfortunately he couldn't join me for lunch later at Culver's.

Across the finish line

My finisher's medal:

I cleaned up, checked out of the hotel, and got on the road for home.  But not before stopping for lunch at Culver's in nearby Bellevue.  I first experienced Culver's while attending an MTF get-together in New Glarus WI.  I loved it!  It made the perfect post-race meal:

And of course, custard for dessert...a caramel cashew sundae!

A free room awaited me at the Marriott in Wichita, thanks to some Marriott Rewards points. 

What my 50 States map looks like now:

Next up:  Getting the kitchen floor replaced this week, then rest up in preparation for the Baltimore and Dover half marathons next month!

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  1. Woohoo! Another race in the books. It sounds like a nice route that wasn't too hard on you.