Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Epilogue and More...Home Maintenance Projects

Yesterday (Monday), a little before noon, my phone rang.  Guess who it was.  That repair guy who never called me last week.  He said he bought the baseboard on Wednesday of last week and would come by on Tuesday to do the repairs.  Well guess what, Mr. Repairman...the repairs are done. 

He was mad.  "Why didn't I call him?" he wanted to know. 

Well, why didn't you call me??  I made the decision to do it myself only after I didn't hear from him in more than a week.  If he'd stayed in touch, called me last week to let me know he had the baseboard, it would have gone a long way toward earning my confidence in him and I would have waited, not done it myself.

New front porch light fixture
Now on to the light fixture on the front porch.  I sweated out there on a tall stepladder in 100 degree heat and struggled to get that sucker hung.  There was no good way to suspend the baseplate to take the weight off while I worked on connecting the wires.  Then I struggled to get the studs lined up to the holes in the baseplate and get them captured with the tiny cap nuts. 

I had a crick in my neck when I was through.  So imagine my frustration when I discovered that one of the two sockets doesn't work.  So either a wire came loose from one of the wire nuts, or it has a bad socket.  Crap!  My neck and shoulders are still stiff from working over my head and there's no way in heck I'm getting back up there to disassemble and inspect those wires.   Stepson Bruce is coming over tonight to fix it.  He's a professional Electrical Designer so he knows what to do.  It'll cost me a batch of chocolate chip cookies, though.  :-)

Pergo laminate - Vermont Maple

After months and months of indecision and doubt, I finally pulled the trigger on the new flooring for the kitchen and breakfast room.  I got up yesterday morning and drove over to Home Depot and talked to the flooring staff.  I picked out the laminate, gave them some basic information about the installation site, we worked up an estimate, I signed some papers, and scheduled a measurement appointment for the next day. 

So exactly as promised, I received a call from the detailer last night, letting me know he'd be there at 9:00 AM the next morning.  And at just a few minutes after 9:00 AM this morning my doorbell rang.  He was decked out in a Home Depot apron, wore an ID badge, and carried an extremely professional demeanor as he very efficiently went about taking measurements with an electronic doodad and entering data into a hand-held tablet.  Within 15 minutes he showed me a very detailed rendered floor plan.  I'll get an email from Home Depot with the final quote.  Such a pleasant contrast to that repair guy from last week, eh?!

Last night I pulled all of the base cove material away, scraped away the dried glue and sanded the cabinet bases in preparation to caulk the seams and paint them. 

I'm getting new flooring!!


  1. I hope the repair guy learned a lesson in communication by taking so long to call you.

    Good job getting the light installed. Very pretty. Bummer it didn't work right though. A batch of cookies is a small price to pay for not having to climb back up there yourself.

    Congrats on the floor purchase. The maple is very nice.

  2. I have a similar experience with some siding folks. They did my roof, so I have confidence in their work, however their customer follow up and scheduling sucks. They have a fair amount of money already and I am the one that has to call to find out if they are showing up on a particular day or not. It would seem they should be making the phone calls to instill some confidence.