Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Home Maintenance Marathon Continues...

How am I doing on that DIY list??

Let's see...

One item I didn't mention in my last blog post was the 320 pounds of sand and topsoil that I hauled home from the garden store, eight 40-lb bags carried, one by one, into my back yard.  The severe drought these last two years has caused the ground to shrink away from my house foundation along the back wall, creating a very wide and deep gap.  It wasn't as bad last year, and my yard man brought some sand in last year to fill it in, but I don't think he used enough and it quickly sifted down into the crack and disappeared. 

So last week I poured four 40-lb bags of sand into that gap and then followed it with four 40-lb bags of topsoil.  I worked the sand into that gap really well using a sharpshooter shovel and tamping it in with a hoe.  That gap swallowed up every bit of that sand.   I heaped the contents of the four 40-lb bags of topsoil on top of the sand, piling it up against the foundation, knowing that as the sand settled, so would the topsoil.  I hope this helps prevent any foundation problems that might occur from the exposure.

The patio crack repair looks good, although the new cement is a startling blue-white, while the old cement is more a beige color.  And I'm pleased with the tile repairs, too.  I know that both of these fixes are not going to last forever, as this crazy gumbo clay we have shifts, expands and shrinks through the Texas seasons.

Today I pulled a section of the rotten baseboard away from the short wall nearest the sliding glass door so that I could spackle the gap where the old baseboard caulking was, in preparation for priming the wall with Kilz.  The handyman should be here later this week to replace the entire baseboard section.

The carpet guys are here right now, stretching the carpet to remove some ripples that appeared after hurricane Ike.  I was without A/C for two weeks and the humidity and dampness from some roof damage caused the carpet to buckle near the foyer.  They're also steam-cleaning the carpet, something I've never had done in the 15 years I've lived here.  No kids, no dogs, no stains....so the carpet is in very good shape.  So far, from what I'm seeing, the ripples are flattening out nicely and the repairs will have been worth it.  FIY...carpet stretching is not cheap!

Only things remaining on this current to-do list is replace the outside porch light and get that baseboard replaced.  Both should be done later this week when that handyman shows up.  Hooray!!


  1. Wow, you are making good progress.

    My arms are sore just hearing of you dealing with the sand and topsoil though. Not just from hauling it but dumping it and tamping it.

  2. It is stories like this, I wonder why I gave up renting and decided to own again. Sigh.