Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some Extra Luggage

A suitcase full of dirty clothes apparently wasn't the only thing I brought home with me from Alaska.

Don't get me was an absolutely terrific trip, one for which I'd been planning and saving for a couple of years.  I wanted to do it right, make the most of this opportunity, since there's no guarantee I'll ever be back.   Yes, I ran a half marathon while there and, yes, I stayed in training mode for the few days leading up to that race.  But the day that I ran the race is the day that "training mode" got thrown out the window.

So here it is.  I am confessing here for all to see.  I brought back a few extra pounds along with all of those dirty clothes.  {Sigh!}  But...were they worth it, you ask?  Hell, yes!

I had a number of reasons to celebrate:  the successful completion of the Mayor's Half Marathon - and doing it with a good friend.   Getting to Alaska - finally!  My 65th birthday - a huge milestone birthday.  Heck, I even had to celebrate the fact that I was thousands of miles away from home and actually knew some folks there in Anchorage with whom to celebrate! 

And then looking back at those first 6 months of 2013....I needed to celebrate the fact that I'd completed 10 half 6 months!  And in those 6 months, I placed in my age group - three times!!

So that's a whole lot of celebrating going on!  But truthfully, I was tired of the non-stop training and diet regimen.  I needed to cut loose and eat and drink irresponsibly and gave myself permission to do so.

While I didn't eat huge quantities of food - in fact I ate my meals rather frugally - I did eat and drink lots of "treats."  Heavenly chocolates from the Alaska Wild Berry Products store.  Ice cream.  Whole milk cappuccinos and decadent pastries from Starbucks.  I chilled out nearly every evening before dinner at the very pleasant bar at the Benihana's next to the hotel in Anchorage or at the bar at the Windsong Lodge in Seward, sipping wine or champagne.  When I think about it, that's a lot of extra calories I don't normally ingest when I'm home.

Now I must pay the piper.  But it was sooo worth it!!

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  1. When on vacation it is no fun to be a calorie miser. Good for you for cutting loose and celebrating. You'll lose those few pounds easy with the amount you run.