Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Short Family Visit

Short....but sweet!

Daughter-in-law and the grandkids are heading to California to spend a month with her family who are scattered about the Modesto-Sacramento-Lake Tahoe corridor, leaving my son alone to "batch it."  They discovered that they could save over $700 in airfare if they all flew out of Houston.  So a last-minute plan was to Houston, stay the weekend, then put everyone except my son on a plane.

I had two days to prepare for their arrival, so I scrambled to get ready.   It took multiple trips to the grocery store to remember to get everything and, in that process, I ended up buying way too much food.  Impulse purchases!  But better to have more than not enough.  I cleaned the house and the patio a bit, laid out fresh towels for them. 

On Saturday we had a belated birthday party for my son.  I had bought a cake and the makings for beef kabobs on the grill.  My son brought some fresh tomatoes and basil, and a log of mozzarella to make insalata caprese.   It gave me occasion to break out that bottle of Italian liquid gold:  high-end balsamic vinegar. 

I put my son in charge of the kabobs.  They were great!

And then I stuck some large candles in the cake, lit them, and we all sang happy birthday!!   It was a simple thing, but so precious!  It's rare that I have the chance to do this for my son now that he's grown and moving around as a career Navy officer.

It was a simple, relaxing, yet way too short visit before they were packing up and heading to the airport, my son dropping off his family and then heading home alone to Louisiana.

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  1. Short but sweet. At least you managed a short visit.

    Good food and a good visit with family.......