Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back To Reality...Alaska Was a Dream Come True!

Well, it's back to reality...and the oppressive heat that is Houston!

My flight home was a chore.  1.5 hour delay leaving Anchorage meant a 1:45 AM departure.  Then we had a one hour layover in Seattle after arriving at 5:00 AM Seattle time, which meant getting off the plane so that they could clean it and restock for the next leg.  Argghh!  Then a 4.5 hour leg to Houston. Obviously there was no chance to get any sleep on this flight.

I was so glad to be back in Houston.  Even the 107 degree temps didn't dim my relief to be home. That first night home I forced myself to stay up until 9 PM so that I could get a start at getting back onto Central Time zone schedule.  By the time I flopped into my own bed at 9 PM, I'd been awake for 37 hours.  I'm getting too old for this!

Miserable return flights aside, I am still reliving this fantastic trip in my mind!  Every minute of every day was a treasure...a gift.   I will remember this trip for a very long time. 

So many people - too many, actually - kept telling me what I NEEDED to do and see while I was in Alaska.  I know they thought they were helping.   I did and saw everything that I wanted to see and do.  And I probably saw and did a whole lot more than most folks.  The great thing about seeing Alaska by car, not through a cruise ship or tour bus window, is that I could go and do whatever I wanted and got to see lots of things that were well off the typical well-beaten tourist path.   I could experience the local flavor of a town in intimate detail without rushing.  I value that more than anything.

The weather...perfect!!  My flightseeing trip over Denali couldn't have been better.  The day before and the day after I took this flight, they were socked in with bad weather.  The Fjord cruise was perfect weather-wise.  The day before, they had rain, the day after they had dense, low clouds which obliterated any view of the coastline.  Race day the temps were perfect:  low 50s at the start of the race and not a cloud in the sky.  The day that I drove down to Whittier and took the ferry to Valdez was perfect as well.  Clear, cool, not a cloud in the sky

Hanging baskets of flowers everywhere!!  Oh, my!!  They were gorgeous, with blooms that were huge!!

Coffee shops everywhere!!  Everywhere I went I did not want for a good espresso or cappuccino!  Museums, shops, everywhere...they had an espresso machine.  I loved it!!

I'm still processing this trip in my mind, savoring every moment, dissecting every experience.  What a trip!!

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  1. As nice as it was to vacation, I bet you were so happy to be in your own bed.

    I am glad the weather cooperated for you while you were away. it doesn't sound like a very nice flight home. We flew from Vancouver to Montreal back in 2001 and it was a red eye flight but we'd worked all day before leaving and couldn't get into our hotel when we got there. We were up for almost 40 hours and I was pretty much incoherent by that time. It sounds like you handled it well though.